Solar 2009: NextGen House features metal, solar

The NextGen House spotlighted at the International Builders Show annually showcases the greenest, most energy efficient products out there — for the next generation. This is cutting edge stuff!

Decra Roofing has been a part of several recent NextGen projects, garnering attention for its products — and metal in general — at IBS. For the 2009 Builders Show, held January 20-23 in Las Vegas, Decra roofing incorporated a solar laminate from United Solar Ovonic. The Uni-Solar panels, more commonly laminated to standing seam prepainted metal panels, were installed on single-ply roofing incorporated into the sloped roofing system.

“It was really quite simple,” says Tony Tiapon, zone manager for Decra, who worked with Nor Cal Steel of Rio Vista, Calif., on the installation. “We took DensDeck roof boards, used for high heat areas and installed them as a base. On top of that, we installed single-ply roofing, glued it and fastened it so it was watertight.”

The detail connecting the single-ply system with the Decra Villa Tile was similar to a Decra rake installation, according to Tiapon. “We installed our 2×2-inch battens like our normal rake detail. Using the normal flashing we use with the Villa tile, we brought the single-ply over the top as counter-flashing into the Villa channel and installed the panels into it.

“It’s a fully integrated system. It’s a simple detail. A lot of our installers have to work with single-ply for similar details. It was just a matter of knowing how big the area of solar was going to be.”

“Most installers of Decra have a single-ply solution already, to use when they run into a flat roofing issue. It’s the easy way to integrate solar into a project with all the special technology out there today.”

With “First to the Future” as the theme, the 2009 NextGen home features the newest product offering from Decra — Villa Tile in Amalfi Sand. The focus is on strong, green and energy efficient design. An alternative to traditional clay or concrete tile, Villa Tile is made of corrosion resistant, aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel with an acrylic bonded stone chip finish that creates an attractive exterior. A unique product, Villa Tile offers the classic beauty and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile combined with the superior performance and inherent benefits of steel.

The design of the Villa Tile reduces heated air entering the attic space. The barrels are 3-1/4 inches high, providing an offset from the roof deck. This offset contributes to the continuous airflow across the deck and helps to pull the heated air away from the attic. Less heated air in the attic equates to less stress on the cooling system, and lower energy consumption.

The solar section can’t be seen as you drive up to the house — it faces south and is on the right-hand side of the home. It also can’t be seen from the ground because 5 inches of Decra tile was installed along the eaves. A total of 53 squares of Decra Villa Tile were installed on the 4,000-square foot home.

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