Spec It: Snap lock panels by Follansbee

The new Buckeye Water District Water Treatment Plant in Wellsville, Ohio, now benefits from the modern aesthetic appeal and durability of Follansbee KlassicKolors in Green.

During the design stages of the new $17 million facility, Buckeye Water District considered various roofing options before ultimately selecting metal, which best satisfied their need for a long lasting, visually intriguing roofing material.

“The first thing people say when they see the plant is, ‘that roof is awesome,’” says Alfred DeAngelis, district manager/director of Buckeye Water District. “We continue to receive compliments on it and visitors are always asking where we got it. It really sets the building off visually.”

Approximately 33,000 square feet of KlassicKolors was installed as a standing seam roof, lending a vibrant, dramatic look to the new structure. To ensure maximum ease of installation, the 1-1/2-inch Snap Seam panels — some of which exceeded 50 feet in length — were rolled directly on site by Custom Gutters Company of Wellsburg, W.V.

“KlassicKolors was a natural choice for a variety of reasons, including its optimum corrosion resistance, solar reflective Kynar coating and easy installation,” says Ed Thomas, Follansbee vice president and general manager. “Follansbee’s close proximity to the treatment plant additionally helped minimize shipping and fuel costs.”

“One of the main reasons that we selected a Follansbee roof was for its longevity,” says DeAngelis. “We knew that once it was installed, it would be there forever. If I’m ever involved in another roofing project, a Follansbee roof would be the only roofing material I’d consider.”

Construction on the Buckeye Water Treatment Plant began in November 2006 and was completed in September 2008. ARCADIS FPS, Akron, Ohio, served as project architect, while Jack Gibson Construction Company, Warren, Ohio, served as general contractor. Related Metals, Austintown, Ohio, was the installer. Buckeye Water District is the facility owner, KlassicKolors is a pre-painted Terne II zinc/tin coated roofing sheet offered in an extensive palette of designer colors. Its base sheet is coated with Follansbee’s patented ZT (zinc/tin) alloy and then painted with solar reflective paint coatings. The ZT alloy provides enhanced durability and extends the life of the metal for many years, even if the painted surface is breached.

KlassicKolors  is available in a selection of hues, ranging from deep, rich tones of red, blue, green, gray to earth tones of beige, tans and browns. These colors were chosen to maintain the oxide hues that have characterized Terne roofs since colonial times. Custom formulated colors are also available. A superior time-tested roofing metal, KlassicKolors carries a warranty of 30 years.

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