Spec It: Victorian shingles product listing

Berridge Manufacturing
Both the Victorian shingle and the Berridge Classic shingle are available prefinished with Berridge color finishes, Satin Finish Galvalume or galvanized. Both are suitable for either residential, commercial, new or renovation/restoration. Classic and Victorian Shingles have a 9×12 inches exposure to the weather and have a stamped scalloped design. Both offer a traditional appearance and hidden fasteners, and are available in all standard colors or Satin Finish Galvalume.

Conklin Shingle
Conklin’s unique and classic metal shingle is unsurpassed in its longevity, durability and timeless appeal. The company makes one style of stamped metal shingle, the Stamped Diamond Pattern. Shingles are available in six types of metal and are packaged in cartons containing 136 shingles, which is enough to cover one square (100 square feet). Metal Roofing Shingles are approximately 10×14 inches and are available in the following types of metals: galvanized, acrylume, paintgrip, copper, terne II and terne coated stainless II.

Follansbee Steel Roofing
Stamped Diamond Pattern Steel Shingles have been installed on fine homes, churches and other structures for more than 100 years. Manufactured by Conklin Metal Industries since the early 1900’s, this unique and classic shingle is available in a choice of Follansbee Steel roofing materials including TCS II, Terne II and KlassicKolors. The shingles are stamped with an exclusively designed side lock, permitting quick and easy installation with absolutely no soldering. The weathertight side lock provides contact under tension at three points, covering all nail heads, allowing for contraction and expansion.

W.F. Norman
Two original 1908 W. F. Norman Victorian Roof Shingles are still available with a variety of hip and ridge finishes. Style A and Style C shingles measure 8-1/4×12 inches (145 shingles per square) and are available in 28-gauge Galvalume and 16-ounce copper. Trim pieces are also available.

Zappone Manufacturing
Zappone has taken its accent shingle and placed a scalloped compression in the center. The shingle has an exposure of 8 inches tall by 7-1/4 inches wide. Most scalloped shingles are clad systems or overlapping. The Zappone system is still interlocking and will outperform all scalloped designs on the market. For either roofing or vertical walls, the scalloped shingle will perform extremely well and add an elegant design to any roof or wall application. n

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