Stay Cool: Follansbee roof on eco-friendly cabin

When selecting a roofing material for his eco-friendly cabin, architect Paul Muller had one main aesthetic requirement: a modern metal roofing product with an antiquated appearance. As a contemporary metal roofing material with traditional visual appeal as well as durability, Follansbee’s second-generation terne-coated stainless steel, TCS II, met the architect’s criteria.

A total of 1,600 square feet of TCS II tops the roof of Muller’s weekend getaway cabin, located in southeastern Indiana near the town of Metamora. TCS II is armored with Follansbee’s patented ZT Alloy, an electrochemically bonded coating of zinc and tin applied uniformly to both sides of Type 304 stainless steel. ZT Alloy ensures a Follansbee roof will last many times longer than an ordinary steel roof, even in harsh environments. To date, TCS II has surpassed 22,000 hours of ASTM salt spray testing with no signs of red rust.

In addition to its durability and longevity, Follansbee TCS II contributes to the eco-friendly aspects of the rustic residence, which was built entirely from recycled building materials. Follansbee roofing materials are produced from metals containing a high percentage of recycled content and are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

“Follansbee metal roofing remains an excellent choice for sustainable building projects,” says Ed Thomas, Follansbee vice president and general manager. “The longevity of a metal roof ensures a roof replacement is 50, 80 or even 100 years away. Additionally, Follansbee metal roofs offer added energy saving and ‘cool roof’ benefits.”

The majority of the green building materials used to construct the cabin were distributed from Building Value, a Cincinnati nonprofit re-use center that salvages quality building materials otherwise meant for the landfill and resells them in a public retail center. For example, the cabin’s large hanging light fixture and bathtub were obtained from Building Value, as were the doors, doorknobs and many other parts of the cabin.

“As both an architect and a homeowner, I was familiar with the look and benefits a metal roof provides,” says Muller, owner of Cincinnati, Ohio-based Muller Architects, Inc. “The cabin is a balanced fusion of rustic simplicity with abstract modern form. Although it is made of logs, they are squared and make a clean box-like shape. Follansbee’s TCS II accomplished my aesthetic and green objective even better than I expected as the only roofing product with qualities I was looking for to complete this design. “

One of the most striking features of TCS II is the soft-looking protective patina, or finish, that develops after natural exposure to the elements. Never degraded by heat or UV light, the metal will never require painting. TCS II is oxygen reactive, so the patina forms by exposure to the air.

“The dull gray color changes slightly with the light and the seasons,” continues Muller. “It has developed a wonderful patina that adds to a sense of weight.”

Design decisions were made in typical give-and-take fashion with Muller’s wife, Teresa Schnorr, and his brother, John Muller, co-owners of the cabin.

“Together, we shared the goal of keeping an authentic character by making the cabin fit into an 80-acre wilderness retreat without feeling so contemporary,” says Muller. “The choice of roofing material was easy and unanimous.”

With Follansbee’s collaboration, he successfully met this challenge. TCS II can be installed on industrial, commercial, institutional and residential structures and is often specified for both new construction and historic renovations because of its classic, traditional look.

“Architects continue to specify TCS II, even for personal projects like this one,” Thomas says. “The unique combination of aesthetics, durability and longevity TCS II and other Follansbee metal roofing products offer simply cannot be duplicated by other roofing materials.”

McElroy Metal provides green roof solution for school

McElroy Metal has teamed with StrongSeal, Valspar and United Solar Ovonic to offer a totally green roof package that integrates photovoltaics with metal roofing. The complete package includes a roofing waterproofing underlayment made from recycled tire material and a solar reflective paint coating for the metal roof that increases the reflectivity and emissivity values to meet the requirements for Cool Roofs, LEED, Energy Star and California’s Energy Code Title 24.

The J. Douglas Middle School project is the third of four new school projects planned for the Brentwood Union School District in Brentwood Calif., and it features 82 KW of Uni-Solar panels. Pioneer Contractors of South San Francisco installed more than 1,000 squares of McElroy Metal 16-inch Medallion Lok in Kynar 500 Hartford Green. Akeena Solar of Los Gatos, Calif., installed the Uni-Solar panels.

The courtyard configuration and building overhangs keep direct sunlight from entering the classrooms; coupled with high performance HVAC systems and “low-e” window glazing, energy usage for the school is substantially reduced. To further reduce the amount of energy usage this project includes the use of photovoltaic panels, estimated to reduce energy needs by 50 percent.

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