Steelscape enhancements lead to environmental gains

Steelscape understands the importance of minimizing our “environmental footprint” in the communities in which we operate. To that end, Steelscape has accomplished a number of environmental enhancements at its Kalama, Wash., facility.

Some of the Kalama site environmental improvements in the past year include…

•    Recycling pallets and plastic keeping tons of packaging material out of the landfill while also reducing the number of trees and oil required to make the product

•    Installed paint temperature control systems which have reduced Steelscape’s solvent and VOC containing reducers by 60-plus percent

•    Using waste paint on secondary metal products used for cover sheet, reducing the amount of paint removed as hazardous waste

•    Performed a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer system upgrade and retrofit which led to a reduction in natural gas usage

•    Began extracting dirty wash solvent for re-use using a distillation process that led to a reduction in hazardous waste

•    Recycling oil, gloves, absorbent pads, paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, and metal cans in an overall effort to reduce general site waste

•    Replaced various hazardous cleaners with non-hazardous products

•    Replaced propane heaters with electric heaters

•    Installed energy efficient lights throughout plant complete with motion sensors

•    Replaced DC drives with AC drives which equated to energy savings

•    Saving water waste on the Pickle Line via automated systems

•    Switched to “green” cleaning supplies in our janitorial cleaners

•    Started mulching drums to reuse food remnants

•    Recycled computers and computer parts in support of job-training skills for disadvantaged community groups
To learn how you can implement similar environmental enhancements, contact Steelscape at 888-285-7717.

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