TAMKO introduces synthetic underlayment

TAMKO Building Products’ new Synthetic Underlayment provides customers with more durability than traditional felt backing in a lighter, wider roll.
The new Synthetic Underlayment is made of a polymeric surface film that is skid-resistant and has a high tear strength and tensile strength. The durable synthetic material can be exposed for up to 6 months to UV rays.
The material is lighter-weight than traditional felt and comes on a 10-square roll, instead of the traditional 2- to 4-square roll.
“Customers will get more coverage with one roll, so this new product will provide significant time savings,” said Stephen McNally, vice president of sales/marketing.
The rolls of Synthetic Underlayment also come with a nailing pattern printed on each sheet to enhance the ease of installation.
The Synthetic Underlayment will be available nationwide starting the first quarter of 2010. For more information on TAMKO Synthetic Underlayment, visit www.TAMKO.com.
TAMKO Building Products, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products (including Lamarite composite Slate and Shake, Heritage Asphalt Shingles and MetalWorks Steel Shingles), decking and railing products, waterproofing, cements, and coatings. With 65 years in the industry, TAMKO’s success is the direct result of teamwork and enduring relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Privately owned, TAMKO is committed to producing quality products with excellent product support.  For more information about TAMKO or its limited warranty, visit our Website at www.tamko.com.

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