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Metal Roofing Magazine recently published its 9th annual edition of “the idea book” which was mailed to subscribers of the magazine. This year we’re adding a new twist: a new way of viewing the popular magazine: digitally! And like the magazine, it’s free! A link to the free e-magazine can be found below.

The success of  “the idea book” in any form – digital or paper – is measured by the number of “WOW” projects we receive from metal roofing manufacturers. This book contains plenty of “WOW!” Twenty-six projects are scattered throughout this issue. Some are impressive because of the design of the building and its roof; some are impressive because of size of the project; while others are simply beautiful roofs. 

The key? They’re all metal! 

Metal is getting it done for a variety of projects, everything from residential to factories and warehouses to schools, churches and government buildings. Why is metal growing in popularity? The simple answer is “value.”

Metal is the best value for a lot of reasons. Metal roofing systems offer energy savings, durability, protection and beauty. Most metal roofing products are manufactured from some recycled content and all are 100 percent recyclable. The Metal Roofing Alliance reports that conventional roofing products, including asphalt shingles, contribute an estimated 20 billion pounds of waste to U.S. landfills annually. That means every metal roof provides benefits for our environment, not just the building owner.

Featured among the beautiful projects within the pages of “the idea book” are 10 Product Profiles, explaining the different looks, materials and components that make up today’s metal roofing systems. We feature Product Profiles on Standing Seam Panels, Metal Shingles, Jobsite/In-House Equipment, Exotic (or Natural) Metals, Fasteners, Snow Retention, Underlayments and Solar Products. Recognizing a boom in the interest in retrofit projects, “the idea book” features a product profile on Retrofit Products that work with metal roofing. It starts on page 78. We have a final section that covers Paint Systems, Ventilation, Skylights, Software, Sealants and more.

We believe “the idea book” is some of the best work our manufacturing partners have completed. We also believe it’s some of our best work and we hope you’ll sign up for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION at www.metalroofingmag.com.


the idea book

the idea book See what metal roofing products can do for your projects.

Metal roofing provides:
• Beauty
• Durability
• Versatility
• Energy Efficiency

• Top metal roofing projects from more than 25 manufacturers!
• Profiles on the products used in these metal roofing systems
• A link to obtaining free information about metal roofing products

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