Top 10 metal roofing products of 2012!

The readers have spoken. When they indicate they like something, it must be a good thing.

Top 10 logoEach year in Metal Roofing Magazine, we present the most current information on a variety of products — underlayments, roll formers, fasteners, metal roofing shingles, ventilation products, snow retention, tools and the list goes on and on. These are called Product Profiles. We offer manufacturers and suppliers a free opportunity to send us  product information and a photo, so we can get the word out.

We also present a New Products section, sometimes a couple pages, sometimes less.

Both are very popular among the readers. How do we know? Because you take the time to fill out the Reader Service Card, circle numbers of products you’d like information on and send them in.

There is also an online component allowing for quicker response. We monitor those responses to help us determine industry trends.

So here, we present, the Top 10 Products of 2012, as chosen by you, through your requests for info.

We’re guessing, you may find something else you’re interested in here.

Ames Researching Laboratories
AmesMaximum-Stretch was introduced as a New Product in the June-July issue and piqued the interest of readers. Maximum-Stretch stops leaks and rust from occurring on metal roofs. It also extends the life of old black tar roof systems, wood, concrete, rolled roof, and EPDM roofing systems. It forms an unbroken seal over existing metal surfaces and is standing water capable. Maximum Stretch contains no fillers. It is made with the highest grade of elastomeric rubber and acrylic blend available. It contains a remarkable adhesion to surfaces. It expands and contracts with the surface, protecting the metal from harsh wind and rain. Used with seam tape, it seals up leaky screw heads & seams. Also, its bright white reflects up to 98 percent of the sun’s rays, drastically reducing the temperature of the surface. It can also be tinted in several colors.

ATAS International
ATASATAS International’s offerings grabbed most of the attention from readers in the always popular Metal Shingle Product Profile.

ATAS shingles offer the performance of metal with a traditional look when choosing tiles, shakes and shingles. Tile offerings include stone-coated, scalloped Northern European and Spanish style. Five shingle options are available, including: Bermuda style shake facsimile, wood style shake facsimile, a simulated dimensional shingle, a diamond-shaped shingle and a standing-seam shingle. Available in different colors with energy-efficient finishes, all these options add value and aesthetics to any building.

Bucket Buddy
Bucket BuddyWho couldn’t use a little help on the roof? Bucket Buddy, an adjustable rooftop safety system, was introduced to readers of Metal Roofing Magazine in the October-November issue. Bucket Buddy provides a solid, stable platform on the peak or pitch of any roof. Bucket Buddy can safely support a five-gallon bucket of tools, a water cooler, a tar paper roll dispenser, an umbrella or even scaffolding, providing storage, workspace and a welcome oasis for rooftop workers. Bucket Buddy folds flat for transport or storage and takes just a minute or less to set up. Adjust it for the pitch of the roof, set it in place, nail or screw it down and it provides a safe place for tools, mortar, coil nails, tar paper or whatever else you need.

DECRA Roofing Systems
DECRAAppearing as a New Product in the April issue, the DECRA Ridge Vent and DECRA Panel Vent caught the eye of readers. Both are options specially designed for installation with all DECRA profiles, including DECRA Villa Tile, Shingle and Shake XD. DECRA Ridge Vent helps to create a pathway of airspace between the roof ridge and the roof. This ensures the attic space is well-ventilated and moisture-free. Air trapped in an attic space could cause a drain on heating and cooling and cause moisture damage. DECRA Ridge Vent installed along a roof’s ridgeline is an easy solution for creating airflow.

Dynamic Fastener
Dynamic FastenerIt was encouraging to editors to see readers were inquiring about offerings in our Safety Product Profile. Among its safety products, Dynamic Fastener offers the Standing Seam Roof Clamp which is used as a tie-off point. The clamp is designed to hold a retractable lifeline that clips onto a worker’s harness so as not to affect worker mobility. Other products include retractable lifelines, harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, roof anchor kits, hard hats, safety glasses and hearing protection. Sky Web II fall protection and insulation support system is a light-weight, economical mesh system that provides passive fall protection during construction and then keeps on working as an insulation support system after the job is finished.

EnglertMetal roofing installers are always looking to learn about underlayments. Annually, it’s one of our most popular Product Profiles and Englert’s HT Underlayment was the one that drew the most reader interest. Englert’s HT Underlayment features a black non-woven polyester topside. The new self-adhering, slip-resistant product is 100 percent UV protected, heat reflective and good for an industry-leading 90 days of exposure. The high tensile strength underlayment comes in two configurations. Englert Premium Roofing Underlayment is a 100 percent synthetic, nailable underlayment providing superior long-term weather barrier performance compared to traditional asphalt felt. Englert Premium Roofing Underlayment features a slip resistant coating on both sides and can be left exposed for up to six months.

MBCIWith new construction numbers down from several years ago, there is plenty of interest in remodeling and retrofit. In February-March 2012, we offered up a Retrofit Product Profile that got your attention. Among the companies that received a lot of interest was MBCI. MBCI offers a number of retrofit roofing products. If an R-panel roof is in need of replacement or repair, MBCI offers two low-cost retrofit solutions to renew the existing roof. Both options allow the existing roof to stay in place, which saves on labor costs while minimizing the chance of water entry into the building during the roofing process and providing a safer work environment. The first option is the Retro R roofing panel and the second is adding a trapezoidal standing seam roof over the top of the existing roof. Additionally, MBCI offers the NuRoof retrofit roofing system, which can be placed on most roof substrates, including steel, wood or concrete, providing an opportunity to add a highly durable metal roof from MBCI.

McElroy Metal
McElroy MetalMcElroy Metal has a line of products for roofers looking to retrofit with metal and readers took notice in the Retrofit Product Profile. McElroy provides fully engineered retrofit systems for low and steep slope applications being constructed over existing flat or sloped roofs.  Systems are designed to meet specific project requirements using materials manufactured by McElroy Metal. These materials include light-gauge steel framing and a multitude of through-fastened and standing seam metal roof systems. For Metal-Over-Metal applications, McElroy utilizes Roof Hugger sub-purlin systems. All design is conducted in-house by McElroy Metal Technical and Engineering Services located at the headquarters in Bossier City, La. Materials are shipped direct to the jobsite from any one of its 11 manufacturing plants and/or 18 service centers throughout the nation.

Senco ­
SencoIn the June-July issue, Senco’s screwdriver systems were introduced as a popular New Product. The two corded auto screwdriver systems featuring DuraSpin technology, the DS325AC and the DS340AC, are designed for the professional looking for a complete auto system. The kits include a 2500 or 4000 RPM Senco screwdriver, an industrial grade aluminum auto application, a nylon storage bag and extra drive bits. Whether you’re installing subfloor, sheathing, wood or composite decking, or tackling metal to metal applications like roof decking, these high fasteners ranging from 5/8 to 3 inches long into tough surface materials quickly and easily to reduce installation time and minimize screw waste. The tool’s feed on return functionality puts the screw in line before you drive for fast, efficient placement without jams or misfeeds. The easy to use depth of drive adjustment regulates the precise amount of countersink required for the surface material. The tool is ergonomically designed for use with one hand, however, a cushioned second hand grip helps minimize wrist and arm fatigue by reducing the exertion needed to complete each drive. Both kits include a detachable 21-inch extension pole.

Triangle Fastener Corporation
Triangle Fastener Also picking up plenty of interest for its line of products featured in the Safety Product Profile in the April issue was Triangle Fastener. Triangle carries a wide selection of contractor supplies designed for the professional contractor. Triangle stocks a full line of fall protection equipment specifically for the metal roofing industry and can supply all jobsite needs with high quality products from any of its 24 locations.

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