Top 5 Products of 2009

If you’re not making money, you may not be in business for the long haul. The manufacturers of gutter accessories — everything from protection to rain harvesting products — want to be in it for the long haul and to succeed, they need to come up with products gutter contractors can use to make their businesses more successful.

Here is the annual Top 5 Products list as determined by the readers of Gutter Opportunities. All five of these products were introduced in the pages of Gutter Opportunities as new products. We tallied up the reader responses from 2009 and these five received the most responses.

Congratulations to the Top 5 Gutter Products of 2009 and good luck to the contractors who make these products work for their business.

Aqua Saver
The Gravity Rainwater Recovery System does away with watering restrictions due to municipal regulations. Customers can water by redirecting gutter water to a rain barrel to water plants or wash cars even in drought period. The system also allows users to simply add water to a swimming pool or spa by connecting a hose to the end of the Aqua Saver or barrel overflow. Customers can prevent water infiltrations by directing gutter water away from foundations. It allows users to water outdoor or indoor plants with rainwater, which is more appropriate than treated water. Aqua Saver may also be used as an irrigation system, directing rainwater more evenly to lawns, flower beds or hedges by connecting a perforated garden hose to Aqua Saver or barrel overflow. It’s an invisible system, it installs inside existing gutter, does not change the appearance of the house. No storage tank size restriction. Economizes on water meter and water treatment bills.

Freezeblock gutters are an improved gutter design with an integrated flange that seals the gutter to the underlayment, preventing winter water leak damage from ice dams. Freezeblock prevents water infiltration and subsequent damage to customers’ homes caused by ice dams. Freezeblock’s unique sealing channel unites the roofing underlayment with the gutter to provide positive protection. The Freezeblock system is available for license to industry manufacturers and/or distributors.

IceBreaker melts icicles, snow loads and ice dams on the gutter and filters out leaves, pine needles and tiny roof sand grit so gutter cleaning is a thing of the past. This never seen before technology incorporates a self-regulating heat cable that installs in a built in channel in the IceBreaker gutter guard itself. It efficiently warms up the gutter guard and inside the gutter for melting the ice. When  IceBreaker is turned on, it not only melts the ice, but prohibits icicles from forming on the gutter. IceBreaker is so efficient, only one heat cable is needed to melt the ice in and on a gutter.

The innovators of polycarbonate snow retention for metal roofing have introduced something new to their product line-up, called LeafBlox. This virtually maintenance-free product will keep home-owners off the roof, keep gutters clear of debris and will not void the roof warranty. Stiff LeafBlox bristles fill the gutter allowing water to easily flow through. Most leaves and large items will pass right over the LeafBlox while small debris caught near the top of the brush will blow away or decompose through natural weather cycles. Your gutters remain debris free and flowing to prevent home damage.

York Manufacturing
Using industrial Everlam technology, an aluminum skeleton is bonded to a copper foil with an adhesive that allows expansion and contraction of the two metals. Thus Soleil works like an aluminum gutter with a lifelong copper veneer. Its patina is identical to 100-percent copper products, but because the skeleton is aluminum, customers can have the look of copper at less than half the price.

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