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By Sharon Glorioso

Hard work, motivation and superior products are what keep this company profitable. Back in 1991, after getting laid off by a large commercial construction company, Dave Garrety went to work for a friend who ran his own gutter business. “I was out of work and one of my friends told me in the past that if work ever slowed for me to come and work for him in the gutter business. He always had work and there were always more opportunities for more business,” Garrety said. After some time, Garrety decided to start up his own business.


GMI specializes in manufacturing roll formed seamless commercial and industrial gutter systems. Photo courtesy of Garrety Manufacturing Inc.

The company Dave began, Garrety Manufacturing Inc. (GMI), is a family-run business, owned and operated continuously since 1992 by Dave. Throughout the years, GMI has completed thousands of jobs ranging from large commercial enterprises to single-family dwellings throughout several Eastern U.S. states.

GMI specializes in manufacturing roll formed seamless commercial and industrial gutter systems. Located in Kingston, Pa., GMI is rapidly and reliably able to serve architects and contractors within the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania due to the number of major highways crossings nearby Kingston in the northeastern corner of the state.

Works Well with Flat, Shingled and Metal Roofing Systems

“Our high quality material is delivered directly to your job site via truck and sold to you at affordable prices,” Garrety said. “We manufacture the gutter on site to the lengths you specify. Our gutter systems work well with flat, shingled and metal roofing systems. We offer material in a variety of colors, gauges, sizes and metals including aluminum, steel and copper. Several finishes are available, including Polyester and Kynar 500 to ensure a proper match to your job.”

GMI works directly with architects, roofing consultants, roofing companies, general contractors and residential homeowners. “In addition to gutter systems, we offer a full line of matching accessories to complete the job,” Garrety said. “We can also supply half round gutter and shop broken material for custom jobs as needed.”

GMI supplies residential contractors and homeowners with their seamless gutter systems, as well. For residential work, they serve communities within Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and select surrounding areas. Seamless gutter systems eliminate the seams and installation work needed to hang 10 and 20-foot lengths of gutter. Their gutter systems are available in a variety of sizes, gauges, colors and finishes.


According to Anthony Avagliano, with A. Poletto & Associates Roofing, he has been working with Garrety Manufacturing since 2007. “We are a commercial roofing company. We purchase Garrety’s 7-inch box gutter with roof top mounting flange,” Avagliano said. “There are not too many companies in this area that have the equipment to fabricate this gutter. After it is fabricated, it is very fast and easy to install.”

Comes to the Jobsite

“Dave comes to our jobsite and fabricates the lengths of gutter we need. After it is fabricated, they leave and we install it. An average length of time for fabrication on our projects is about 1.5 hours,” Avagliano said.

Running Business

For a typical installment, Avagliano said that their process is efficient and dependable. “They show up to the job site with a truck that tows a trailer. Inside the trailer is the equipment necessary to fabricate the custom box gutter. The metal coil and equipment are set up prior to leaving their yard and fabrication is seamless upon arrival to the job site,” he said.

Avagliano said that there have never been any challenges in the past and everything with installation always runs smoothly and they are dependable. “The pros of working with Garrety are that it’s hard to find someone in this area with the means to fabricate this gutter. When they say they are going to be there, they are there. They also have the ability to do small projects as well as large projects,” he says.

GMI uses different machines to fabricate their 7-inch gutter. One is a jobsite machine and the other is an Englert machine. However, extensive modifications to the machines were made to make it work.

Their 5-inch and 6-inch K style is run on a New Tech Machinery machine, and they have made some modifications to this machine as well to allow them to run .040 aluminum. “The half round gutter and round downspout is a completely different animal,” Garrety said.

This product is manufactured by Roof Drainage Components and Accessories in Jasper, Ga. Their product is roll formed in their plant and shipped anywhere in the United States. They also provide all of their corrugated downspout as well as some other accessories for their box and K style products. Additionally, several of the components that sets GMI apart is that they offer a cut and drops/cut to length service. This is very unique in the commercial market.

Additionally, they offer seamless in everything except the half round. What is unique about their half round is the material thickness, material availability and the sizes they can provide.


Seamless gutter systems eliminate the seams and installation work needed to hang 10- and 20-foot lengths of gutter. Photo courtesy of Garrety Manufacturing Inc.


Roofing Contractor Recommends Company

Avagliano said that he would recommend Garrety Manufacturing and continues to work with the company with is own roofing company.

According to Garrety, he loves his job and is happy with his business. “I have the best job in the world. I get to spend most of my day helping my friends.”

For more information on how a seamless gutter or a half round gutter system could improve your latest roofing assignment, contact GMI at 1-800-628-5849. GO


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