Uni-Solar to improve conversion efficiency

Rochester Hills, Mich.Uni-Solar, a leading global manufacturer of light-weight, flexible thin-film solar modules and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices, unveiled its Technology Roadmap to 12 percent conversion efficiency by 2012 with a cost-per-watt of less than one dollar. In the following years, the company is targeting 20 percent plus conversion efficiency.
The Uni-Solar Technology Roadmap calls for evolutionary development of the company’s existing technology This includes enhancing the laminate which will improve conversion efficiencies to 8.2 percent by close of 2010 calendar year, High Rate Deposition which targets 10  percent by end of 2011, and HybridNano Technology resulting in 12 percent by end of 2012.
“Today, Uni-Solar offers the lightest solar PV products and industry-leading energy output. We are continuing to develop our technology by focusing on improving our conversion efficiency to 12 percent and beyond. We have demonstrated that our core technology is capable of conversion efficiency of 15.4 percent in the lab, and we are now focused on translating those results into commercial production volumes at 12 percent and ultimately improve the conversion efficiency to 20-plus percent,” said Mark Morelli, President and CEO of Uni-Solar’s parent company, Energy Conversion Devices.
“Upon successful completion of this advancement to 12 percent, Uni-Solar will offer a differentiated product with superior energy yield and competitive conversion efficiency at a market-competitive system price. This puts us in an excellent competitive position, because as we reach a more competitive level of conversion efficiency, our product differentiation is very compelling to PV buyers,” says Morelli.
About Energy Conversion Devices/United Solar

Energy Conversion Devices is a leader in building-integrated and rooftop photovoltaics. The company manufactures, sells and installs thin-film solar laminates that convert sunlight to energy using proprietary technology. ECD’s Uni-Solar brand products are unique because of their flexibility, light weight, ease of installation, durability, and real-world efficiency. Through its Solar Integrated Technologies business, the company also designs, manufactures and installs rooftop photovoltaic systems, which enable customers to transform unused space on the rooftop into a value-generating asset. In addition, ECD’s Ovonic Materials Division is the pioneer in NiMH battery technology, and is developing low cost fuel cells, hydrogen production from bioreformation, and hydrogen storage technologies. For more information, please visit www.energyconversiondevices.com.

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