Whirlwind adds solar to offerings

Whirlwind Steel Buildings announced the creation of Whirlwind Solar Energy Systems. Whirlwind Solar offers a renewable energy alternative for metal roof and metal building applications.

Whirlwind’s Solar Energy System is an amorphous photovoltaic peel and stick system that is factory or field applied to standing seam roof panels. 

Whirlwind’s SES is available in seven pre-designed packages ranging from 3 to 120 kilowatts. Benefits of the system include being a true building integrated photovoltaic system (penetration free), lightweight (less than one pound per square foot), lower LCA cost and is “grid tied.” In addition, Whirlwind will provide the necessary electrical drawings, wire sizing, equipment sizing and specifications for the system. 

Whirlwind Solar offers a free return on investment analysis available on its website which will provide all available incentives, break even year, square footage of roof area required, budgetary cost and kW hours generated per year.

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