Consistent Sales Success

One thing that many company owners say is: “I don’t know what’s up with my sales team. A year ago, even six months ago, they were doing a great job … and now it seems like they can’t close a deal if their life depends on it.” Have you ever wondered what causes this?

web-editorial-isaiah-pic-logoProfessional selling is a process. To maximize closing percentages, you must go through every step of the process. If you skip a step, results will suffer noticeably. Skip two steps and results will suffer significantly. Skip three steps and you’re in dire straits.

Very rarely are poor sales results the blatant fault of the salesperson but rather the fault of them falling into bad habits and neglecting parts of the Sales Process. Most salespeople want to be successful both for themselves and their employers. Regardless of what it may seem like, they really do not wake up in the morning and say “I’m going to go meet with three property owners today and purposefully not sell anything to any of them.”

But, if they don’t do good Needs Analysis on one appointment, perhaps skip selling their own story on another, and don’t do a full inspection and product demo on the third appointment of the day, they go home without a sale. How do you change this?

Here are a just few of the critical steps to leading a successful sales team:

1) Evaluate and choose team members with the right attitudes and personalities, and incentivize them appropriately.
2) Have a scripted and documented sales process that they are trained and tested in.
3) Debrief each salesperson after every appointment to see if all the Sales Process steps were followed.
4) Review, rehearse, and test sales team members on the Sales Process each and every week.
5) Hold team members accountable to follow the Sales Process.

By following these and other steps, your organization can get on a consistent path of sales success.

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