Accel Roofing Products, a Division of ATAS International, Introduces Colonial Seam

Accel Roofing Products, a division of ATAS International, Inc., has introduced Colonial Seam, a new residential standing seam metal roofing panel.

Colonial Seam is a clipless panel that offers a traditional standing seam aesthetic with contemporary factory formed advantages. It is installed by locking the one-piece panel into the previous panel and fastening through pre-punched slots, allowing for expansion and contraction. All fasteners are concealed by the adjacent panel. The positive locking action makes it virtually impossible for the panels to slide apart.

Panels are available in widths of 12-3/8” and 16-3/8”, with a 1” seam height, in .032 aluminum and 24 gauge metallic coated steel. Both substrates have the same PVDF paint finish in a variety of colors. Colonial Seam can be installed on any solid surface with a minimum slope of 3:12.

Colonial Seam is an economical solution to residential metal roofing for both new construction and re-roofing. The standing seam panel offers an attractive alternative to other roofing materials. It provides the benefits of metal roofing with ease of installation, since this is a one-piece panel that does not require the use of clips.

Lower energy consumption and reduction in energy bills can be achieved by the use of Colonial Seam. Depending upon many factors, including the panel color chosen, the slope of the roof, and the location of the building, up to 70 percent of the sun’s energy may be reflected away from the home, minimizing heat retention and keeping the home cooler.

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