Facts Behind the Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute

News reports rarely provide enough details needed to fairly evaluate an issue. Such is the case of the recent tariff imposed upon Canadian softwood lumber companies by the U.S. The battle is long and complicated, and promises not to be solved quickly or easily.

To better understand the problem, you might find the following document links and news reports helpful in navigating the history.

Article: “Top Facts to Understand About the Softwood Lumber Dispute”: Although this article appears on a commercial website (a Canadian-based import-export business), it offers a balanced overview that is easy to understand. (Source: A&A)

Article: “Sorting Through Media Reports on Softwood Lumber Tariff”(Source: SBC magazine and the Structural Building Components Association)

PDF Download:
Softwood Lumber Subsidies Report 2016 
(Source: U.S. Department of Commerce)

PDF Download:
U.S. – Canada Lumber Trade Dispute: A Brief History. A report from 1982-November 2016
(Source: U.S. Lumber Coalition)

PDF Download:
Fact Sheet (source: International Trade Administration)

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