Home Ventilation

web-editorial-isaiah-pic-logoIt is not uncommon for us to have homeowners tell us that their contractor told them that a metal roof will eliminate their need for attic ventilation. After politely suggesting they look for a different contractor, we tell them how, with most homes, proper attic ventilation is critical to a healthy and energy-efficient home.

By helping homeowners evaluate their ventilation needs, contractors can stand apart from their competitors. Often, it can result in selling a ventilation package, the end result of which is a happier homeowner because their home and roof system are functioning properly. And, of course, happy customers bring more referrals!

If a contractor neglects to address ventilation or advises a homeowner incorrectly about ventilation, they may have problems getting the job permitted. However, even worse than that, they might be held responsible in the future for problems the home encounters in terms of condensation, mold or ice dams.

It is far better to be professional and address ventilation proactively rather than be brought into a mess later on! The current International Residential Code calls for 1 square foot of ventilation per 150 square feet of attic floor space for most homes in the United States. The ventilation should be equally divided between intake and exhaust.

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