OSHA Fines Increase Effective Jan. 2

Beginning January 2, 2018, OSHA fines have increased to adjust for inflation. Noted Gary Auman, Legal Counsel for the National Frame Building Association, “While these new fines are not a huge increase over prior potential penalties, they do demonstrate that OSHA is in tune with enabling legislation – “The Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 2015”- to adjust its penalty structure by January 15th of each year. Of course even a minor increase can result in significant penalties in the case of multiple violations.”

The old and new fines are as follows:

Classification  Fines pre 2018 Fines as of 1/2/18
Other Than Serious   $12,675   $12,934
Serious   $12,675   $12,934
Posting Violation   $12,675   $12,934
Repeat Violation  $126,749 $129,336
Willful Violation (min)       $9,054      $9,239
Willful Violation (max.)   $126,749  $129,336
Failure To Abate $12,675 / day   $12,934 / day


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