2016 Building of the Year Awards – Post Frame – Experts Division 2nd Place



Second-Place Winners 


Agricultural Storage/Workshops

Steve Eversole, Eversole Builders Inc.

Hines Farm Shop

Cladding/Roofing: H&H Metal 29-gauge painted steel; Windows/Doors: Plyco; Fasteners: Direct; Insulation: 4” spray foam (wall), R-30 blown (ceiling); Foundation or Structural Components: embedded; Unique Features: 80’ wide building with a clear span, 50’ x 18’ hydraulic door; high bay windows to incorporate natural light; and radiant floor heating. A 24’ x 16’ alternate door on the opposite end for pull-through ease and versatility. The building is built into an existing farm shop, creating an under-one- roof facility.




Commercial Buildings (under 5,000 sq. ft.)

William Miller and Matthew Bellamy, Astro Buildings Inc.

Airplane Hangar and Flight Training, Insurance, Aerial Reconnaissance, and Conference Center

Roofing: Fabral; Windows: Gerkin; Doors: Plyco; Fasteners: East Coast; Insulation: 6” fiberglass batt wall insulation R-19 and fiberglass blown in ceiling R-30; Foundation or Structural Components: frost-protected thickened-edge Perma-Column Sturdi-Wall bracket; Unique Features: fully finished floor with stained concrete and three coats of polyurethane; acoustical steel-lined package; meeting space equipped with three projection screens and audiovisual system; large hydro-swing door; commercial LED lighting system with timing capabilities throughout the building; lights and HVAC controllable by smartphone.


Commercial Buildings (5,000–10,000 sq. ft.)

Dustin Stoll, Graber Post Buildings

Abram Farm Event Venue

Cladding/Roofing: Graber Post 29-gauge G-Rib, AkzoNobel Paint; Windows: Pella; Doors: Therma-Tru; Fasteners: Paslode, Sealtite; Insulation: Batt R-19 (walls), foam R-38 (roof); Foundation or Structural Components: cast-in-place concrete walls; Unique Features: Many of the building’s features resemble the architecture from the area’s farm buildings, but they have a modern appeal.



Commercial Buildings (over 10,000 sq. ft.)

Evan Bishop and Glenn Hochstetler, Hochstetler Buildings, LLC

Tradesman Properties Headquarters

Cladding/Roofing: McElroy Mesa Panel; Windows: Plyco CTB transom windows and Anderson casement; Doors: Plyco 92 Series; Fasteners: Sealtite; Insulation: R-40 blown fiberglass (ceiling), R-19 batt (walls), 8” structural insulated panel (SIP) (entry); Unique Features: Western cedar post-and-tenon entry with SIP roof structure under a slate tile roof, office wainscot with multiple-length solid slate, aluminum storefront glass in the main entry and skylights, custom receptionist’s desk and curved accent wall, Venetian plaster and metallic patina walls, custom-leaded and copper glass windows.

Hobby Shops

Mike Dunipace, Dunipace Buildings

Legacy Farms

Cladding: Brick; Roofing: Central States Manufacturing 24-gauge Central Snap painted steel; Windows: Andersen; Doors: 16-gauge prime painted steel; Fasteners: Maze nails, Plyco East Coast screws, Perma-Column Sturtiwall Plus post brackets; Insulation: R-19 sidewall, R-30 ceiling; Foundation or Structural Components: Concrete foundation and Perma-Column Sturdi-Wall Plus brackets; Unique Features: Four-ply posts support a second floor at 20’ and brick masonry exterior wall covering; intermediate two-car garage floor with a driveway ramp and embossed aluminum flooring; gambrel-style roof; a complete 5,000-square-foot second floor. The heated building has indoor plumbing, an elevator to the second floor, a 3-ton overhead crane, a first-floor repair shop. The brick siding matches that of the owner’s house.


Horse Barns/Facilities (under 5,000 sq. ft.)

Joseph Hostetler, Wooster Buildings

Gerber Horse Barn 

Cladding: Siding was pitch-set pine board and batten with pine lap siding on the milk house and office; Roofing: 24-gauge standing seam with a Kynar paint system; Windows: Sassafras wood windows with individual panes; Doors: wood man doors and custom-built slider doors with wood windows; Fasteners: full round-head galvanized nails for siding; Insulation: fiberglass R-19 batts; Foundation or Structural Components: poured walls and footers; Unique Features: The building was designed to look like a century-old timber-frame barn with the look of a real stone foundation. The horse-stall equipment and wash bay liner are stainless steel. HH automatic waterers are in each stall. The upstairs floor will support heavy loads and has 2”x 8” yellow pine tongue-and-groove flooring.


Horse Barns/Facilities (5,000 sq. ft. and over)

Timothy Rissler, Duramacks Structures

Rancher’s Dream

Cladding/Roofing: Central States Ultra Panel Lock Plus Central Guard; Doors: Plyco; Fasteners: Maze Nails and Big Timber Lags (wood), Sealtite Micro-bit (steel); Foundation or Structural Components: Rigidply post embedded in concrete with a Profooter uplift system; Southern yellow pine used for headers as well as laminated veneer lumber. Unique Features: sliding doors on the side walls.

Institutional Buildings

Dwayne Borkholder, Borkholder Buildings & Supply, LLC

Emzara’s Kitchen (restaurant for the Ark Encounter)

Cladding: Plywood subsiding with a stucco-type finish; Roofing: EPDM; Windows: aluminum storefront; Doors: Lazarro insulated steel; Fasteners: various; Insulation: 6” Textrafine; Foundation or Structural Components: concrete foundation with Sturdi-wall brackets; Unique Features: integration of the “heavy timber” feel and the same tree timbers in the restaurant as in the Ark (a structure replicating Noah’s Ark).


Residential Buildings

Dwayne Borkholder, Borkholder Buildings & Supply, LLC

Roth Residence

Cladding: traditional brick and LP Smartside lap siding; Roofing: McElroy Metal Medallion Lok Series Standing Seam; Windows: Pella Designer Series, triple pane; Doors: Pella Designer Series; Fasteners: various; Insulation: 6” Textrafine ½” 3HT (walls), R-50 ½” 3HT (ceiling); Foundation or Structural Components: concrete/Sturdi Wall brackets; Unique Features: The home started with Borkholder Buildings New Energy Home footprint and the added “Phase Change” (smart thermal storage) to the exterior envelope. It was constructed on a basement with Sturdi Wall brackets and post-frame construction on the main level.


Retrofitted/Remodeled Buildings

Steve Eversole, Eversole Builders Inc.

Baltimore Water Treatment Plant

Cladding/Roofing: H&H Metals 29-gauge painted steel; Windows: Jeldweld; Doors: Plyco; Fasteners: Direct Fasteners; Insulation: R-19 fiberglass; Foundation or Structural Components: embedded; Unique Features: Perma-Column bases were used; then the floor was poured and the water treatment equipment placed. The walls and trusses were put up and set around new equipment, and the existing plant was in operation during construction. Trusses were installed over the existing flat roof to match the new building and give a clean and modern look to a plant built in 1937.


Suburban Garages

Steven Nikkel and Chad Nikkel, Orchard Construction Inc.

Recowski Garage

Cladding: McElroy MESA style; Roofing: GAF timberline shingles; Windows: Simonton; Doors: Clopay; Fasteners: Sealtite ZXL; Foundation or Structural Components: embedded; Unique Features: This structure is 35’ to peak with 10’-wide gambrel dormers and a shingle and steel roof. All steel panels are one piece with no seams.



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