Red Cross promotion at F+W Media stores underway today

Today, until midnight, F+W Media, Inc., parent company of Construction Magazine Network and related media, is asking readers to help support the Red Cross through a special one-day shopping promotion.

Today, June 7, we will donate 50% of all profits from all purchases, all products and services available via the F+W Bookstore (and any of our other 19 U.S. eCommerce stores) to the Red Cross.

This past spring, the company donated 50% of all single-day profits for relief in Japan and as F+W Media Chairman & CEO David Nussbaum stated, “the response was humbling.”

In making the latest announcement Nussbaum said, “Today we are asking for your support to help us make another donation to the Red Cross, specifically toward the devastating flooding in the Mississippi Delta. Or however our partners at the Red Cross deem best to utilize our joint donation.”

He added, “If you are able and choose to make a purchase Tuesday, know that you are supporting our fellow citizens in need. And if you were directly affected by the flooding, any one of the recent severe weather events, please accept our best wishes.”

Link to the F+W Bookstore

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