Sealtite Name Change Effective Jan. 1

Marking 25 years of operation,  Joe Hargis, CEO and founder of Sealtite Building Fasteners announced that his company is undertaking a name change.  The company will continue to use its iconic “flying” ST as the focal point of its identity, but the company name has changed to ST Fastening Systems effect January 1, 2017.

“This change reflects how Sealtite Building Fasteners has evolved as a company,” Hargis said in explaining the action.ST Fastening Systems “In 25 years, we have become much more than a distributor of self-drilling screws. The ST product line has grown to include a comprehensive array of construction products. Our proprietary fasteners cover all application requirements for metal and post frame buildings, whether it be speed, strength, or durability. In addition, our expansive line of components now includes the very highest quality venting, sealing, flashing, and closure products. This combination of fasteners and components has come together to form a complete system of application solutions for the steel frame, post-frame and residential construction markets, hence the name change to ST Fastening Systems.

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