Selling Fire Safety

web-editorial-isaiah-pic-logoFire Safety is a metal roofing benefit that many salespeople fail to discuss. If the home is not located in a fire-prone area, they assume that the homeowner won’t be motivated by the fire safety of a metal roof. But, like anything, the reality is that they will be motivated once they understand the importance of fire safety.

For most folks, their home is their largest single investment and it houses their belongings. What’s more, it protects their family. While we all do things inside of our homes to make them fire safe, the reality is that, even in an area not prone to fires, we’re only as fire safe as our neighbors are. Many house fires start at neighboring homes, spreading quickly in tight neighborhoods or with strong winds.

All homeowners will be interested in how a metal roof can add to the safety of their home. You just have to create the emotion and present the information. Below are some important points to cover.

Fire Rating. The fire rating of the roof you’re selling, as well as any code requirements in your area, will vary. Be sure you know these details and discuss them with homeowners.

Age. Roof products are fire tested only when they are new. Many roofing materials, though, lose fire resistance with age. Metal roofing will be just as fire resistant in 40 years as when it is installed.

Weight. If a fire starts inside the home, it will burn upward. Once it reaches the attic, it will spread across the home. If there is a heavy roof on the home, then that roof is more likely to collapse as the structure is weakened by fire. The threat of structural collapse prevents fire fighters from entering the home. Instead, they will try to contain the fire from the outside but not be able to fight it from the inside.

Is Fire Safety something you regularly talk to homeowners about? If not, then build the case and add it to your presentation. It is a critical benefit that homeowners will respond to.

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