European Patent Office grants TFC patent on VRT Technology

Triangle Fastener Corporation has received patent protection by the European Patent Office for its VRT® (Vibration 35mm_roof-light_300Resistant Thread) technology. The patent (Europe Patent No. 2286097) will be recognized in the following countries: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Luxembourg.

This is in addition to its VRT patents in the USA, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

The patented VRT Technology significantly increases a screw’s back-out resistance in lap applications, reducing the chance of leaks caused by the screw loosening from vibration and expansion and contraction of the panel. vrt-logo_master_200They are available on BLAZER® self-drilling screws made of carbon steel and stainless steel with a variety of long-life head styles, including stainless cap, zinc cap and nylon molded.

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