Trust Makes The Sale

In the in-home sales process, clients often decide in the first few minutes whether a salesperson is someone they can do business with. While you can make a great first impression but then “blow it” later on and lose the deal, if the prospect decides early on that you are NOT someone they can do business with, your chances of having the pleasure of serving them are slim to none. So, to get the sale, you MUST make a GREAT first impression and do all you can to continue along those lines toward a successful sale.

Consumers buy from salespeople they trust. The moment you lose their trust, you’ve lost the sale. How do you earn and maintain that trust? Here are some great ideas.

Appearance. Make sure the homeowner knows who you are, what you look like, and what vehicle you will be driving. Remove any fears they have of inviting a stranger into their home.

Permission Marketing. This is a process that allows the homeowner to feel safe and in control of the purchasing process while you guide it.

Listen. The homeowners have invited you out because they have concerns and fears that they want addressed. They will never trust you to provide them expert guidance if you don’t listen to them.

Be “Columbo.” Well, maybe minus the dishevelment and the trench coat. Ask questions and write down their responses. One of our favorite questions is “What attracted you to buy this particular home?” Their answers will tell you what is important to them.

Know Your Stuff! Be as educated as possible about metal roofing. In case they ask you a question that stumps you, have a back-up plan at hand of someone you can call right then and there to get them a reliable answer.

Make a Personal Pledge. Give to them in writing with your personal signature, your promise of what they can expect from you should they trust you with their business.

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