Union Corruagating Advantage Lok II Has New Florida Approval

A new product approval was recently given to Union Corrugating regarding their Advantage Lok II 26 gauge concealed fastener standing seam panel used for residential and commercial roofs.

This Florida Building Code Approval, FL21677.1, provides improvements over previous product approvals. The new approval offers increased fastener spacing—up to 13-7/8” on center, along with other improvements. High wind conditions and corner zone requirements are also enhanced:

  1. Expanded fastener spacing options (other than only 6” on center);
  2. Use of the slotted fastening flange (provides improved expansion/contraction);
  3. Includes optional use over asphalt shingles;
  4. Improvements on load results;
  5. Covers application over most all solid substrate types (7/16” OSB being the minimum); and
  6. More accessible sealant options for the sidelap/retainer adhesive types.

For more on Union Corrugating, go to www.unioncorrugating.com.

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