USP Introduces RoofTopGuard SA High-Temp Self-Adhered Membrane

Underlayment Specialties Plus recently introduced RoofTopGuard SA, a high-temperature self-adhered membrane that raises the performance bar for all ice and water protectors.

RoofTopGuard SA is a synthetic-based ice and water protector that incorporates the structure of one of the leading synthetic underlayment on the market; RoofTopGuard II. By engineering RoofTopGuard II with a custom formulation of adhesive, RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector has created a game changer and a superior solution for a waterproof membrane.

RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector uses the benefits found in a premium synthetic underlayment and combines them with a unique adhesive to make a superior ice and water protector. It is able to provide maximum coverage through its extra wide width roll in comparison to standard bitumen based membranes. Lightweight, it provides 5 square roll in comparison to the industry standard heavy 2 square roll.

RoofTopGuard SA expands the installation cycle through its unique aggressive adhesive that allows installation at a temperature greater than 15 degrees F, compared to standard ice and water protectors that typically work at 50 degrees F. Combined with its superior walkability, which uses RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment’s “fiber grip” topside, and a 50-year warranty, it is set to change the marketplace.

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