West Central FS sells first STRELA building in Illinois

Measuring 4-foot in length, nominal widths of the STRELA are 5″x6″ 5″x8″ 5″x10″ and 5″x12″.

West Central FS of Galesburg, Illinois, just constructed the first STRELA post-frame building in Illinois for Mark Compton of Oneida, utilizing newly-designed plastic columns from Walters Buildings.

The patented composite lower-column segment, called STRELA, has an internal height adjustment that allows it to be used with hydrated dry mix or concrete. STRELA is a product consisting of a steel skeleton and fiber reinforced co-polypropylene. Recycled plastic is used to create a product that will last generations.

According to a Walters Buildings press release, STRELA is made from a proprietary blend of regrind PP/PE, ensuring lasting protection from deterioration from the elements like mold, mildew, fungi or insect attack. When used in 300 buildings, it is estimated to save more than 1,000,000 lbs. of plastic that would otherwise end up in oceans and landfills, staying there for up to 300 years.

FS is known for offering fuel, fertilizer, seed and chemicals to agricultural customers. In the late 1980’s, FS started offering post-frame buildings, first buying building material packages from a local lumber yard. It soon realized they needed to work with a company that engineered its own buildings. As a result, West Central FS began its relationship with Walters Buildings, headquartered in Allenton, Wisconsin. Bud Lewis, the salesman that sold the building to Mark Compton, joined West Central FS structural department to sell their products. He is involved in the building design and sales of building packages and says he enjoys the challenges and the quality products that Walters Buildings offers.

Closeup view of the STRELA .

The pedestal, attached at the bottom of the STRELA, is adjustable. The material between the pedestal plate and the bottom of STRELA is hydrated dry mix or concrete as per the engineer’s specifications.

“We strive to offer the best building available and because of that, we have established a reputation of using top-quality materials” stated Lewis. “As the building industry evolved it has become evident that the use of wood posts in the ground is not economical or environmentally friendly, due to the chemicals they are treated with to prolong their life. Customers started requesting concrete columns for their new buildings, but the additional hours needed to use them weren’t feasible for crews. We know this new product, STRELA, solves that problem while also being beneficial to the environment by recycling plastic. There is no leeching of any chemicals into the soil with this product.”


Pictured: Craig Compton, Mark Compton and Bud Lewis. The Compton’s are pleased with this new STRELA because of its longevity and the fact that it is environmentally friendly.

Wayne Jones, Crew Forman for FS and his crew likes STRELA because of the fast and easy installation of the product. Jones said Installing the assembled walls saves time and promotes safety.


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