What To Consider Before Buying A Metal Roof

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Popular in some areas, but only emerging in other areas, metal roofs are a wonderful roofing option that is often overlooked. Take a moment to investigate, however, and you’ll see why metal roofs are worth considering when time comes to build a new home or roof repair.

Wear & Tear
Metal roofs are a wonderful option for protecting your home from rain and snow. They are extremely durable and last so much longer than traditional shingle roofs, about 30 years longer to be precise. They do not rot, split, crack, warp, soften or provide a haven for pests and rodents.

Metal roofs durability can be found in several factors. They’re incredibly fire resistant, which cannot be said for wood shingle or asphalt roofs. Hail or damage from nearby trees won’t be an issue for a metal roof either.

Weather doesn’t affect metal roofs like it does with wood or shingle roofs. Roof leaks from ice dams, melting snow or excessive rain are just not an issue with metal roofs. They can also take hurricane level winds and not even seem phased.

Energy Efficiency
They are also much more energy efficient as they reflect heat in the summer and keep your home well insulated in the winter. With a metal roof your energy bill savings will be at least 25 percent. It also is more environmentally friendly than asphalt roofs because it wastes less material in its production and it can be recycled once it’s done serving its purpose. In fact, metal roofs are one of the greenest options you can choose, when considering an eco-friendly home.

Types Of Metal
If you are considering purchasing a metal roof, you’ll want to take a look at the different types available. Steel, aluminum, copper and zinc roofs all come with their advantages and disadvantages. But, no matter which one you choose, you’ll be enjoying it for decades to come.

The most popular metal used in residential home roofing is steel, mostly because it’s so inexpensive. While there are different types of steel available, galvanized steel is some of the lowest-cost surfaces. But, it also corrodes quickly when exposed to a lot of salt water—so beach homeowners need to avoid this particular roof.

Typically speaking though, steel will cost between $250 and $400 a square depending on the specific steel roof you’re looking to buy: stone-coated, steel shingles, galvanized, etc.

Aluminum is the runner up in metal roofs for popularity, thanks to its affordability and durability. While it is not cheaper than steel, it will hold up much better for coastal homes and it is high quality. It lasts about 50 years on any home, and costs up to $500 a square.

Copper Or Zinc
The premium metal roofs are made of copper and zinc. They’re considered premium because they last forever. Either material is more durable than steel or aluminum, but they also cost much more: from $900 to $1,400 a square. Many homes choose to accent their roofing in copper instead of completely outfitting it due to the cost.

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Accent Roofing & Construction is a full service roofing company with more than 30 years experience doing roofing in Dallas, Texas, and Fort Worth. As a roofing contractor in Dallas they specialize in residential and commercial roofing services.


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