2011 NFBA Featured Suppliers-2

2011 NFBA Featured Suppliers
H&H Innovative Energy Leland

H&H Metal Products

H&H manufactures and distributes quality steel roofing and siding products and accessories for the post-frame building and residential roofing markets. Condenstop is a highly absorbent layered fleece material containing millions of micro spheres that absorb and contain condensed water. Condenstop prevents dripping inside the building until the water evaporates.
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Innovative Energy

For more than two decades, Innovative Energy has been a leader in delivering reflective insulation materials to the growing market of energy conservation industries and offering a complete line of reflective products.
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Leland Fasteners

Manufacturing screws, nuts, bolts in North America to meet stimulus requirements. Leland does not import. Featuring Master Gripper roofing and siding fasteners, powder coated to match panel colors. Leland’s powder coating also is available in a color to match Galvalume panels. Powder coating over the JS1000 (1000 hours in salt spray with no red rust) will last the life of metal panels. Also featuring One-Steppers, fasteners for fiberglass, PVC and FRP panels. Reamer Wings provide clearance in panels to allow thermal expansion.
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Levi's Metal Sales NOFP

Levi’s Nails & Screws

Levi’s stocks post-frame, self-drilling, Procap and pancake head screws. All screws are available painted any color. Levi’s has Snow Defender, a full line of snow guards. With three different types in stainless steel, these guards are powder coated, in stock, with many colors to choose from. Levi’s Snow Defender PC240 is made of polycarbonate Lexan 103-112.
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Metal Sales Manufacturing

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation is the premier nationwide provider of metal panels for the building and construction industry. Headquartered in Louisville, KY and operating 20 facilities throughout the U.S., Metal Sales produces roof, wall and fascia metal panels for architectural, commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential building projects. Metal Sales delivers outstanding quality, the finest customer service, and the largest sales force in the industry. For more information, visit our newly redesigned website at www.metalsales.us.com.


Northwestern Ohio Foam Products manufactures high performance reflective foil insulation and roll out under concrete radiant floor insulation for commercial, agricultural and residential construction. NOFP’s broad product line provides energy efficient and green building solutions for every insulation requirement from insulating your new post-frame building or metal building to insulating underneath your concrete for radiant heated slabs. Flexibility, durability, sustainability: Solutions made simple.
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PlastiSleeve Plyco Radiant Outfitters

Plasti-Sleeve/Homework Design, Inc.

With 15 years in production, the original Plasti-Sleeve is a leader in post protection for buildings, offering economical, versatile and easy slide-on installation for 14 different post sizes. Made in the USA from the highest quality black HDPE plastic, Plasti-Sleeve offers unparalleled in-ground durability. Newly patented Plasti-Skirt, an economical protective plastic skirt board cover, is available for 2×8 and 2×6 skirt boards.
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Plyco manufactures/supplies a full range of high quality doors, windows, track, SDR, ventilation systems, cupolas, slide doors, Dutch doors, horse stalls and equipment along with East Coast Fastening Systems and Ply-Foil reflective insulation.
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Radiant Outfitters

Radiant Outfitters specializes in helping building professionals offer hydronic in-floor heating. Many end users are requesting this type of heat as it has become common knowledge it is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat a building. Radiant Outfitters makes is easy for post-frame builders to offer in-floor heat packages by providing them with free design work, free computerized heat loss and free job specific bids. By teaming with Radiant Outfitters, post-frame builders make additional profit and their crew stays on schedule.
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