Beckers Launches New Coating Line for Garage Doors

Storage building coated with BeckryGard. [Photo provided by Beckers]

Beckers has launched a newly-formulated coil coating system that is designed to keep garage doors looking new. BeckryGard reduces scuffs, scratches and other abrasive damage created during manufacturing, shipping, installation and everyday use.

BeckryGard is also durable enough to protect against elemental deterrents like UV radiation, water, and salt. Its super durable resin helps prevent chalking and fading, boosting color and gloss retention. With a 30 year warranty, BeckryGard ensures that any garage door will stand the test of time.

BeckryGard is available in a wide range of colors to match any consumer’s needs. Wood prints are also available and can be tailored to provide a variety of colors and grains.


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