New Product: MFM Wind & Water Seal

MFM Wind and Water SealMFM Wind & Water Seal™ by MFM Building Products Corp., is a High Temperature Rated (250 degree Fahrenheit) underlayment engineered for use under all roofing materials especially metal roofing systems where high heat is generated. This self-adhering, whole-roof underlayment is composed of a cool white, non-slip polymer film laminated to a rubberized asphalt adhesive system. The product can also be used in valleys, ridges, around exterior penetrations and at eaves for protection against ice dams and wind-driven rain. This advanced system aggressively bonds to the substrate and self-seals around fasteners to limit damage caused by water penetration and leaks. A split-release liner makes installation fast and easy.

MFM Wind & Water Seal is a 40 mil product offered in roll sizes of 36 inches x 67 feet. The product may be applied at a temperature of +50 degrees Fahrenheit and left exposed for a maximum of 60 days. MFM Wind & Water Seal is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

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