New Products at the 2018 Frame Building Expo

Levi’s Building Components – 
Snow Defender 7500 Deco

Based on the design of the popular Snow Defender 6500, this new color-matched, 304 stainless steel model has the more traditional, historic look of a cast snowguard. The decorative cutouts are embossed for increased strength, and the proven attachment method using set screws means it will last the lifetime of the roof. The strong 304 stainless design and patented non-piercing clamping attachment maximizes snow retention and is compatible with the majority of standing seam profiles. It’s available in 40-plus high-quality powder coated colors to match popular metal roofing panels or mill finish and has excellent fade resistance. No caulk is needed for installation. The Snow Defender 7500 Deco is made in the USA and comes in damage-free packaging.

Atlas Bolt & Screw
AccDRYve Screw Gun and Fastener

AccuDRYve System Technology includes a screw gun and fastener that automatically stops driving the fastener when properly seated, for a leak- proof seal. The fastener washer is engineered to deflect with proper force to disengage the clutch and stop driving the fastener. Dual-thread design prevents metal from panel extruding up, cutting the washer, and insuring that the metal panel is flush to the substrate before seating. AccuDRYve provides the perfect seal by everybody every time.

Novaguard – NovaUltra Sealant

NovaUltra Adhesive Sealant is perfect for use in challenging installation applications. NovaUltra’s formulation allows the sealant to stay flexible and is resilient to shrinking and cracking and adheres to many different materials including concrete, metals, vinyls and other common window and door substrates.
The sealant applies well in temperatures ranging from -20°F to 120°F, all while maintaining joint movement capability of +/- 50 percent. The cured sealant is UV and mildew resistant, and is tack free in 5-10 minutes and is completely cured in up to 24 hours, depending on humidity and temperature. The high tensile strength of 200-400 psi, along with the deep section cure, is ideal for high-impact installations. A one-part silicone sealant, it can be utilized in window fenestration for impact resistant systems, such as Miami Dade processes.

KEYMARK – SmartBuild Program

SmartBuild Systems makes building pole barn systems, using the best materials possible, a simple process because of powerful technology. The technology starts with a design program so powerful and easy to use that any end user can design the building they want. The next step is “back end” software that can automatically frame in the building with light-gauge steel materials. The final step is manufacturing technology that generates “tinker toy” pieces that makes the construction process easier and quicker than ever. SmartBuild Systems promises to deliver an easy-to-assemble, maintenance-free building that will never rot, warp or burn.

ASC Machine Tools – 
Alpha Series Panel Roll Former

The new ASC Alpha Series is a revolutionary entry-level rollforming line from ASC Machine Tools. The line features a close-coupled pre-cut front end and a roll former with heavy-duty cast stands and cast bearing blocks manufactured in-house. The line is designed with a perfect balance of superior quality, performance and affordability.

Strong Way – Strong Way Sleeve

The Strong Way Sleeve from Strong Way Systems represents a breakthrough in column repair. This system was designed to reinforce existing wood columns that have deteriorated. Made of galvanized steel, the sleeve is a permanent solution to rotten column woes. The smart design includes built-in uplift anchors to increase building stability. The sleeve installs quickly with little to no excavation; most jobs can be finished in a single day. The Strong Way Sleeve is the new standard for column repair.

Cidan Machinery – Thalmann TZ

The Thalmann TZ long folder is the uniquely-built next generation of the proceeding THAKO and ZR models. Uniting centuries of Swiss engineering, this durable long folder utilizes the time-tested and innovated Vertical Force Drive (VFD) design principle. With the machine stands forming the shape of “rigid C-frames,” combined with vertical tool alignment, the VFD produces the maximum amount of vertical clamping force. The TZ long folder uses the combination of design principles and technology to produce the perfect fold.

Schweiss Doors – Auto Strap Latch

The new Schweiss Strap Latch is a major breakthrough in the bifold door industry. This simple “all-strap” door strap latch system fits any manufacturer’s bifold door.
Schweiss eliminated all the cables, chains, sprockets and pulleys, resulting in 90 percent fewer moving parts. It will lift and lock the door faster and quieter than a cable system without loss of headroom and will not overwrap, fray or break.
The new design securely holds the door against your building in all positions and it will positively lock the door when closed.

S-5! – Solarfoot

The new SolarFoot is made for exposed fastener metal roofing with the strength, quality and time-proven integrity S-5! is known for. The SolarFoot, with four points of attachment, provides an ideal mounting platform to attach the L-foot of a rail-mounted solar system or other ancillaries to the roof. The SolarFoot ensures a durable weathertight solution for the life of the solar system and the roof. Each piece contains two reservoirs of a factory-applied butyl co-polymeric sealant, allowing a water-tested seal. Simply peel the release paper from the butyl sealant and fasten through the predrilled holes in the base of the SolarFoot.

SFS intec – ConnexTite Wood Screw

SFS intec’s new ConnexTite structural wood screw line is ideal for single and multi-ply truss, column header and joist applications, providing quicker installation and lower installed costs versus carriage bolts or ring shanked nails. Featuring a large flange head and aggressive thread design ensures quick, tight connections. The ribbed point cuts through the densest lumber without splitting. ConnexTite installs with an impact gun and a T25 or T40 bit and carries IBC 1603 approval for structural connections.

Isaiah Industries – Vent 3

Isaiah Industries has added Vent 3 as a breathable solution to its RoofAquaGuard family of underlayments. With a permeability of 81, Vent 3 far surpasses many other breathable underlayments on the market – more than five times higher than a popular alternative. And installers will love the 800 square foot rolls weighing only 23 pounds. Vent 3 can dramatically increase the health of any structure by allowing moisture to escape rather than saturating the insulation and roof decking.

Safe-Way Garage Doors – 
New Window Options

Safe-Way Garage Doors is now offering new styling options for windows in two of its door lines. Pencil groove doors with “commercial-style” windows are now available for the Regency Madera, which replicates the look of natural stained wood but is heavy-gauge steel and insulated for an R-Value of 10.25. Available for the Ambient line (pictured) are “residential-style” windows. Also steel, these wood-replica doors have an insulation rating of R 17.68.

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