New Self-Adhesive Roof Flashing from Atlas Bolt & Screw

KwikFlashAshland, Ohio –  KwikFlash, now available from Atlas Bolt & Screw, is a quick weatherproofing flashing. It consists of aluminum stretch netting cast in environmentally-friendly lead-free polymer rubber which allows it to take a form set while remaining flexible, malleable and stretchable. A fully self-adhesive butyl layer underneath the rubber polymer is protected and backed by a release sheet removed during installation.

It can be used in difficult-to-flash areas such as skylights, square and round ducts, parapet walls, and in areas where traditional lead flashings are used. KwikFlash is compatible with most materials and can be successfully flashed between brick, fibre cement, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and concrete. Flashing dissimilar roof profiles such as a house roof to a verandah is easy with KwikFlash and it dresses well to all metal and tile profiles. It is lightweight, easy to trim and no fasteners are required.

Jim Sharp, President, DEKS North America, Inc., commented; “Gray will be the most popular for metal roofs, black is for the tile roof market. The product is manufactured in sizes 16.5′ x 22″, 33′ x 7.75″, 33′ x 11″, 33′ x 11.75″ and 33′ x 17.75″ in Black, Grey and Red.”

KwikFlash is now available and orders are shipped freight free until the end of the year.


Atlas Bolt & Screw, the market leader has the widest metal and wood fastener selection, closures, venting, sealing and flashing solutions. Atlas is a vertically integrated manufacturer from wire thru to packaging. We have industry longevity of proven product leadership and performance, manufacturing since 1896. Atlas is also a full line accessories supplier of performance building envelope solutions. Our goal is to differentiate our partners in the marketplace while improving revenues and margins by enhancing metal connections and protecting value.

Source: Atlas Bolt & Screw



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