Paint-Shield Reduces Heat, Drops Cooling Costs

Want an innovative way to drop cooling costs up to 40 percent? American Nano Coating Paint-Shield is becoming an easy, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to air-conditioning—not just for the savings to the hip pocket.

Paint-Shield is a heat reflecting advanced water-based acrylic paint (so it is non-hazardous) utilizing the latest in micro crystal technology and applies like normal paint to dramatically reduce the level of solar heat entering your building.

WEB-Paint-Shield-QTowerNo matter how extreme the temperature, Paint-Shield is guaranteed to cut the absorption of heat through your roof and walls up to 40 percent. A cooler house means less air-conditioning. Paint-Shield could save you up to $450 a year by reducing your air-conditioning use by 40 percent. Since Paint-Shield is anti-fungal and self-cleaning, any debris, dirt, or mildew on the exterior of the building is naturally washed away by rain leaving the building looking brand new.

American Nano Coating Paint-Shield qualifies for LEED points and is manufactured by Warren Paint, a family owned Nashville business since 1909.

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