Product Profile: Insulation ’11

A. B. Martin Roofing Supply
A.B. Martin RoofingDirect shipments of TempShield Bubble reflective insulation are available in single and double bubble. Various widths include: 16 inch, 24 inch, 48 inch, 72 inch and 96 inch. It comes in white/foil and foil/foil. Non-Toxic, Class 1 fire rating, high thermal R-values. Direct shipments, available in the lower 48 states, in full or half trailer loads.

A.J. ManufacturingA.J. Manufacturing, Inc.
A.J. Manufacturing is a distributor of Low-E Reflective Insulation, the only polyethylene foam on the market. Low-E is water proof, insect resistant, bird resistant, and Class A/Class 1 fire rated in foil/foil. The white face is foil and won’t flake when exposed to UV light. Low E foam insulation is flame-adhered in a patented process and meets the requirements of NFPA 286.

Anco Products, Inc.
Anco Products, Inc. manufactures insulation solutions for post frame and metal building applications. Their TextraFINE post frame insulation is fire and moisture resistant. Manufactured with recycled textile fibers, this insulation is earth friendly and resilient for excellent recovery. TextraFINE also friction-fits, making installation quick and easy. Available up to 93-inches wide with custom lengths available for laminated orders. Anco also offers 1- to 2-inch thick condensation control blankets ideal for noise abatement in horse arenas and animal barns.

Atlas Roofing Corporation

Polyiso is the insulation product of choice for roof and wall systems. This foam plastic insulation has the perfect combination of features important for long-term performance. These features provide excellent initial installation costs, as well as attractive life cycle payback rates. All Atlas AC Foam polyiso insulations are QualityMark certified, giving consumers an easy way to identify products that meet or exceed listed LTTR-values.

BenchmarkBenchmark Foam, Inc.
Benchmark Foam manufactures various expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, including its own line of Insulated Concrete. Benchmark’s ICF offers builders the option to build on-bond, rather than staggered, which reduces time spent on jobsites and simplifies the installation phase. Benchmark ICFs can be used in various applications, including residential, commercial or civil. On-time delivery guarantee.

Cannonball:HNP is a national distributor for rFoil reflective insulation products. Reflective insulation is easy and safe to install, reduces heat gain/loss, controls condensation, and helps to lower energy usage. It is available in 4-, 5- and 6-feet widths in single- or double-bubble thickness configurations. It is widely used and recommended for post frame, pre-engineered steel, agricultural, and residential structures. It has a Class 1/Class A fire rating (ASTM E84-08), and has passed the most stringent testing for UV-resistance (ASTM-G155).

Direct Metals, Inc.
Direct MaterialsDirect Metals, Inc. specializes in bubble foil insulation rolls with UV resistant coatings and ClassA/Class 1 fire ratings.  A retrofit fastener and plate system is designed to securely install bubble foil insulation rolls into existing post frame and steel buildings.  Direct Metals, Inc. also provides a strong no-tear radiant barrier that is popular in many agricultural, commercial, and residential applications. Their new location provides 1-2 day delivery on most of products to distributors in the Midwest. Multiple warehouses serving all 50 states.

Enercept SIPsEnercept
The builders’ choice for structural insulated panels for a long time, Enercept makes a superior SIP that is fully customized to project specifications. Enercept was the original patent holder for its electrical chase system and thermally broken connecting posts. A six-step process helps building projects flow more quickly and smoothly, making it easier to build more homes per season. Enercept makes basement, wall, roof and floor panels for all applications.

Energy Panel Structures
A Solid Core panel roof using a glulam truss system with 12-foot on-center bays can clear span up to 120 feet, with no exposed fasteners or connection plates. Panel sidewall heights can span from 4 to 27 feet. Panels come with factory installed vertical and horizontal chases for electrical wiring. They are machined to accept two 2×4 studs, allowing for foam-to-foam contact with no thermal breaks. Optional R-26 or R-33 insulated panels over a truss system are available.

Fi-Foil Company, Inc.
Fi-Foil has developed an innovative new reflective insulation product with no paper backing, for use in masonry walls. M-Shield Reflective Insulation is a paperless solution, reducing the problems associated with mold and mildew by eliminating the cellulose found in typical insulation – cellulose that mold and mildew feed upon.

General Panel Corporation

General Panel Corp. provides Structural Insulated Panels, stress skin panels, nailless enclosure panels, EPS foam, architectural foam, simulated concrete forms, housewrap and synthetic roof underlayment. Based in Johnson City, Tenn., the company distributes to 15 states primarily in the south and southcentral area of the U.S.

Graber PostGraber Post
Thermal 3Ht insulation from Graber Post is an air vapor barrier (convection), radiant blocker and thermal insulation all-in-one product. Enveloping the building, floors (optional), walls, ceilings or roofline prevents thermal bridging. It consists of expanded polystyrene foam core with highly reflective polymer barriers on both sides. This combination creates high performance insulation. It can be used in agricultural, commercial, residential and under concrete, etc. Proper installation is simple, but important.

Innovative Energy
For more than two decades, Innovative Energy has been a leader in delivering reflective insulation materials to the growing market of energy conservation industries and offering a complete line of reflective products.


Innovative Insulation Inc.
Tempshield Reflective Insulation contains reinforced bubble insulation with a 95 percent reflective film on one or both sides. All Tempshield products are tested to ASTM standards for a Class A / Class 1 fire rating with a perfect flame spread of 0. In metal buildings, this insulation can either be applied across the purlins in a roof or wall directly behind the metal or to the inside of the purlins after the roof or wall is erected.

Insulation Materials
Insulation Materials is a nationwide supplier of thermal and moisture protection products. The company works with a network of manufacturers to bring to the marketplace some of the best and most innovative building envelope products available. With years of experience in the insulation and construction industries, their staff is able to provide expert advice. Each project has its own unique set of challenges and they are dedicated to providing products and systems that meet those challenges.

Intec CorporationInsulation Solutions, Inc.
Insullite Pro-Plus by Insulation Solutions, Inc., is a recessed light cover designed to allow the installer to insulate safely and effectively around recessed lights. When installed, the Insullite Pro Plus allows insulation to be placed as close to the light- or heat-producing fixture as possible without the risk of fire. Easy to install and compatible with all types of insulation, the Insullite Pro Plus comes vented or non-vented and is available in a 10”x10”x12” size.

Insulgreen, LLC
InsulGreen insulation is a 2-inch, hard foam board insulation manufactured in Nebraska. With a foil facing on both sides and a unique shiplap, it is attractive on the wall and/or ceiling, while kicking up the performance due to the reflectivity. InsulGreen slows down heat transfer, keeping your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. InsulGreen also reduces inside and outside noises by absorbing the sounds within the building.

IntegraSpecIntegraSpec ICF
IntegraSpec ICF offers the option of providing an exposed concrete wall face in required commercial application use such as: elevator shafts, public parking garages, public stair ways, close property line construction, and more. This is done with the use of IntegraSpec ICF panel on one side of the wall and a temporary plywood form and IntegraSpec ICF plastic inserts on the other side. Once the wall has been poured and cured, the IntegraSpec ICF plastic inserts are then broken off and the plywood is removed. The end result is a solid concrete wall on one side and IntegraSpec ICF on the other.

Intec manufactures and sells a full line of user-friendly, quality, loose-fill insulation blowing equipment and accessories. They also offer onsite technical service as well as an experienced, knowledgeable and courteous Customer Service Team.

Lamtec Corporation
Lamtec manufactures the most extensive line of UL Listed and Factory Mutual Approved, reinforced vapor retarders for facing fiberglass insulation. Product specifications and technical support information on request.

Lyon Metal Roofing
Lyon Metal Roofing has hydroblock synthetic underlayment. This new underlayment is waterproof, breathable, and high-tear resistant. Hydroblock has a superior grip on any slope roof, even when wet. This underlayment is a great barrier to use under metal roof panels, metal shingles, metal shakes, standing seam panels, and asphalt shingles. Hydroblock can be left to the elements for 12 weeks.

Martin Building Products
Martin Building Products is a Master Distributor of Reflective Insulation. They represent companies who supply the highest quality products in the industry. They sell to post frame and red iron building distributors of all sizes who are promoting the growth of the metal building and the metal roofing industries. They are independently owned and operated and always looking for quality suppliers.

MWI Components
MWI Components offers a safe, easy-to-use thermal insulating material that provides cost-effective, high-efficiency performance for a wide range of applications. TempShield insulation consists of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble air cellular material laminated between layers of aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance. Tempshield comes standard with a Class 1A fire rating on all styles for insulating and now includes even greater UV protection.

NNational Coating Coationwide Chemical Coatings Mfrs., Inc.
Ultra Kote XL is a bright white, elastomeric acrylic with urethane, superior insulating ceramic, Protective Waterproofing Coating and Industrial Maintenance Coating. A waterborne, latex based, high build formula with a maximum concentration of ceramic borosilicates and ceramic pigments provides insulating performance in a beautiful protective finish. High reflectivity and maximum ceramic content allows it to reflect, absorb and dissipate heat, providing outstanding insulating properties. Qualifies for a Class A Fire Rating.

Northwestern Ohio Foam ProductsNOFP
Northwestern Ohio Foam Products manufactures high performance reflective foil insulation and under concrete, radiant floor insulation for commercial, agricultural, and residential construction. Products: MicroFoil (¼-inch thick reflective foil roll insulation with high quality white or foil facings); RigidBoard (Rigid EPS foam core with reflective foil with thickness from 5/8- to 7 inches and lengths from 8- to 16 feet and longer for applications where higher R-values are required); Barrier/BarrierXT /BarrierX5 (3/8-, ¾- or 1.25-inch rollout under concrete radiant floor heat insulation and vapor barrier); and MicroLT (1/8-inch thick flexible with reflective foil facings), an economically-priced alternative to MicroFoil but with similar performance characteristics).

Plyco – Ply-Foil is a multi layer, reflective insulation which comes in rolls consisting of a variety of widths and lengths for use in both specialty and standard construction projects. Two outer layers of aluminum foil reflect 97% of the radiant heat. Each layer of foil is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength. The inner layers of bubble-pack resist conductive heat flow while a center layer of polyethylene gives Ply-Foil additional strength. Ply-Foil provides nominal 3/16-inch thick Single Bubble, nominal 5/16-inch thick Double Bubble, Standard Edge and Staple Tab product lines for both Metal and Post Frame Construction. Perfect for New Construction or Retrofit of existing structures.

Premier SIPsPremier Building Systems SIPs
Premier’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide an environmentally friendly, advanced building alternative to traditional stick-built framing. It is strong, straight and predictable for wall, roof and floor construction. The large-section panels install fast, helping reduce building cycle time and jobsite labor. Premier SIPs provide superior insulating values to help reduce heating and cooling use up to 60 percent, and also help reduce jobsite waste up to two-thirds.

Quad-Lock Building Systems
For over 17 years, Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. has been dedicated to improving construction and the environment by offering the most efficient building envelope insulation solutions available (from R-22 to R-84). Quad-Lock manufactures and distributes their patented Insulating Concrete Form and retrofit systems for creating structurally superior energy-efficient walls, floors and roofs quickly, easily and economically.

ReflectixrFoil /Covertech
rFoil reflective insulation is uniquely constructed and specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain or loss in Post Frame and Metal Buildings.  rFoil is classified as a Class 1, Class A material based on passing the ASTM E84-09 fire test and ASTM E2599 Mounting test. rFoil also passes the NFPA-286 Full Room Burn Test.

Reflectix Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barrier products are a group of technologically advanced building materials.  They are ideal for new construction or retrofit applications in commercial, industrial and metal and post frame buildings. Reflectix products are recognized for their thermal performance, easy installation, versatility, price and environmental friendliness.

Resisto offers a full line of reflective insulation including single and double bubble. All products meet new ASTM E-84 standards. Resisto also supplies high-temp peel and stick underlayment for metal roofing. The design of AYR-FOIL Reflective insulation products provides R-values ranging from R-4 to R-16 depending of the installation method used and the direction of the heat flow.

Retro Shield/fiFoil
The Retro Shield System, developed primarily for the metal building industry, is the ideal solution for the retrofitting and upgrading of insulation systems in existing metal buildings. The exclusive system incorporates fi-Foil’s RBI Shield reflective insulation and patented Clip & Pin components. The only system available on the market that unites these two components, Retro Shield provides energy performance and ease of installation for reduced construction and operating costs.

Tape Products Company
Tape Products Company is a national distributor for rFoil reflective insulation. rFoil is designed to control heat gain or loss and prevent interior condensation in all types of metal and metal-clad buildings. Reflective insulation offers 97 percent radiant heat. rFoil insulation is a single or double layer of polyethylene bubble bonded to and sandwiched between a radiant barrier metalized foil and white polyethylene sheet. Materials available for walls, ceilings, crawl spaces, basements, attics, duct work, between joists, under roofing substrates and under concrete.

TekFoil Reflective Insulation is designed to provide an extremely effective, low-cost system to reduce radiant heat transfer across open spaces, keeping heat inside during the winter and preventing overheating during the hot summer. Installing TekFoil in buildings could reduce heating costs by up to 50 percent. TekFoil Reflective Insulation is available in a variety of roll sizes and in many types, for any application.

TF ConcreteTF Concrete Forming Systems
TF Concrete Forming Systems manufactures and distributes Thermo-Form Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms. This patented ICF design is the answer to providing energy efficient walls to meet energy codes and save contractors and building owners money.

ThermafiberThermafiber, Inc.
Thermafiber SafingPaks are 10-inch x 10-inch x 4-inch pre-cut pieces of UL and Intertek listed and labeled Safing Insulation.  The re-sealable opening and easy-grip handle make SafingPaks jobsite friendly for many different construction trades. Safing Insulation is designed to provide lifesaving fire protection in floor and wall penetrations, construction joints, and other fire-stopping applications.

Thermal Design, Inc.
Thermal Design’s Simple Saver System is a high performance insulation and finishing system designed for roof and walls in non-residential buildings (new or retrofit). The patented fall protection system provides safety to the installers, and yields the designed insulation values with minimal insulation compression. Once installed, the Simple Saver System provides an instant and economical interior finish with exceptional acoustics and enhanced light reflectivity. A free comparative building analysis is available through Thermal Design.

Therm-All, Inc.
Reflect-R is a cutting-edge fiberglass core reflective insulation ideal for a variety of applications. Its unique properties deflect 97 percent of radiant heat gain, thereby keeping the building cool during warmer months and temperate during cooler months. With better moderation of indoor temperatures, less energy is used, utility bills are reduced and condensation is better controlled. Reflect-R also provides up to 44 percent installed cost savings versus traditional bubble wrap insulation for R-8 duct wrap applications. Reflect-R may be custom-made to fulfill any length requirement.

Universal Forest Products
Enerflex Radiant Barrier reflects up to 96 percent of the sun’s radiant energy back toward the roof and reduces attic heat by as much as 30 degrees. This redirection of heat leads to a more consistent interior temperature and will ease the workload of a homes’ heating and cooling system. Enerflex is an investment for homeowners as they are paid back over time through lower utility bills, particularly in the summer months when temperatures are hot. RB

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