Product Profiles ’11: Fasteners

affordable supply companyAffordable Supply Company
Affordable Supply Company is an online distributor catering to the contractor/DIY markets. Product lines include roof screws, woodworking screws, pipe flashing, adhesives and sealants, roofing accessories, and more. Also offered are color-matched fasteners for metal roofing, post frame buildings, and metal buildings; as well as fasteners for light construction and remodeling. Orders can be placed from any computer or smart phone and shipped directly to home, office, or jobsite.


AMSI SupplyAMSI Supply
AMSI manufactures a wide selection of high-quality standing seam clips: snap-batten clips, snap-lock clips, fixed clips, sliding clips, Bermuda clips and more. They also manufacture Ultra Seam standing seam metal roofing (including curved panels), agricultural panels, flush soffit panels and wall panels for both the commercial and residential market. AMSI offers custom flashings manufactured up to 21 feet, as well as chimney caps, custom bay tops, batten caps and fabrications up to 18 gauge. Products are available in galvanized, Galvalume, PVDF, silicone polyester, zinc, copper, stainless steel and TCS II.


Atlas Bolt & Screw Co., LLC
Atlas’ newest innovation in 2011 is the WASP woodscrew fastener.  The WASP features a Type 17 cutting point for faster installation, and specialized hybrid lead threads that reduce drive torque in hardwoods and knots.  Also featured is an innovative left-hand thread design, providing back-out resistance while de-burring the metal panel.  The left hand threads also aid the installer by reducing the chance of over-torquing the sealing washer.

Consolidated Components Group

CCG, a unit of CSi is supported by more than five decades of corporate expertise with coil-coating and roll-forming steel and other metals. Versa-Steel optimized painted metal systems are used exclusively for CCG metal roofing, siding, and trims. CCG also carries accessories, including color-matched fasteners. Their motto: “We Paint It, We Roll It, We Deliver It, We Warrant It”.


Dynamic FastenerDynamic Fastener
Dynamic Fastener offers a complete line of self-drilling and self-tapping fasteners, clip screws (that require a low clearance head when fastening into steel or wood), sealing washers and rivets.  Fasteners are available with Dynamic’s premium long-life coating or with stainless steel coating. The company’s professional in-house painting operation enables custom matching/painting most screws or rivets with a one- or two-day lead time.


East Coast FastenersEast Coast Fasteners
The Ply-Lo 410 is for attaching Galvalume and other long-life roof panels, including PVDF-painted panels, to wood-frame buildings. Manufactured from 410 stainless steel and coated with 1,000-hour salt spray resistant Ultraseal, the 410 provides 20 years of protection against red rust. The 304 stainless steel-bonded, sealing washer provides lifetime protection from red rust. The vulcanized bonding of the washer eliminates separation of EPDM from the metal backing.

Fasteners Direct

Fasteners Direct manufacturers the screws that attach metal roofing and siding to the building’s structure. Fasteners Direct sells screws through distributors along with structural accessories like closure, flashing and mastic tape, concentrating its effort on supplying distributors with the best parts and the best price — and in stock.

Golden Rule Fasteners
Golden Rule Fasteners
Golden Rule Fasteners is a nationwide distributor of painted and unpainted screws, rivets, wedge anchors, pipe flashing, butyl tape, caulk, hip and valley tape, closure strips, and ridge vent products. No minimum invoice and simple freight terms. Ask for information on their newest products including the Residential Zip-Seal, Valley Cap, and the Goof Boot.

GRK Fasteners
The Caliburn’s patented thread design delivers uncompromised draw and pull out strength, making it possible to be used in jobs which previously required an anchor.  Due to the aggressive thread design, a Caliburn screw can be removed and reinserted into the same pilot hole numerous times, without fear of the fastener breaking or threads wearing off. GRK’s Caliburn is available in bugle, pan and washer head design, covering all applications from sill plates to electrical and structural.

Ideal Building Fasteners
Ideal Building Fasteners
Ideal Building Fasteners is a major supplier/manufacturer of fasteners for the metal construction post frame industry.  Their line of post frame screws, featuring the Dual Grip brand, meets or exceeds the specifications of most building projects.  They also stock a complete line of other fasteners, closure strips, butyl caulk tapes and pipe sealers.


ITW BuildexITW Buildex
ITW Buildex, a world-class supplier of fastening solutions, offers the Trugrip product line for metal-to-wood fastening. Sizes include #9, #10, #12, and #14 diameters, in sizes from 1” – 3”. Features include its patented Climaseal finish providing superior corrosion resistance. The non-walking sharp point enables fast material engagement, while the double lead thread design allows for fast panel pick-up, in addition to their vulcanized bonding of washer, which eliminates separation of EPDM from the metal backing.


Leland IndustriesLeland Industries
Leland serves the agricultural and metal building markets with screws, nuts and bolts made using only North American materials and labor, nothing imported. Products include Master Grippers for metal cladding to wood. One Steppers attach to PVC or fiberglass panels without cracking the material; bolts, nuts and self-drilling screws. All fasteners receive a basic plating of JS500 and may be powder coated in colors to match panels, with no red rust.


Levi’s Nails & Screws
What if you could get a screw head in any color? Levi’s Nails & Screws provides a wide range of fasteners for metal buildings: stainless steel, self-drilling, replacement, pancake and wafer head screws. They also have metal roof caulk from Titebond available in 50+ colors.


Maze Nails
Maze Nails is the exclusive manufacturer of STORMGUARD Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized Nails with a lifetime warranty against rust. In business since 1848, Maze offers a full line of specialty nails in bulk for hand driving and in collated sticks and coils for popular pneumatic nailers.  Maze has been serving the post frame industry for many years, providing painted rubber washer nails for corrugated roofing and siding.  Maze post frame nails meet the all-important ASTM F 1667 specification. In addition, Maze manufactures nails for fiber cement siding products, cedar and redwood sidings, fencing, decking and roofing. Maze Nails are made in the U.S.A. in Peru, Ill.

Precision Fasteners and Components
Precision, part of a 33-year-old precision stamping company, manufactures and sells high quality clips and fasteners made to ISO-9000 quality standards. Their products are close-to-tolerance aerospace and automotive stampings. The Florida company applies the same precision standards to its clips as its other products so clips fit factory-specified panels perfectly.


Raytec ManufacturingRaytec Manufacturing
Raytec Manufacturing developed new #12 screws with a #17 self-piercing point, engineered to be strong and provide a solid seamless gutter installation.  The #12 screw adds thickness and strength to the body, whereas the #17 point is designed to remove debris while driving the screw. It’s available in 200-hr yellow color zinc, Rezist and 410 SS. This screw provides solutions to the problems associated with heavy snow and ice loads.


Rosko Fasteners and Supply
Rosko Fasteners and Supply, Inc. announces that its Woody, Super Woody and Super Duty Woody fasteners now comes standard with CR 1000 Plus Long-Life Coating at no extra charge.  The company is now prescribing their new Self-Drilling fastener, the Rx Driller, as the one to solve all Self-Driller problems.  The Rx Driller not only drills consistently screw after screw, but is also exceptionally fast.  Now you can get fasteners in job pack or special packaging per your requirements.  As a compliment to their fasteners they also carry pipe boots, caulk, rivets, closure stripe, and numerous other products needed for project completion for post or steel frame application.


S5! FastenerS-5!
S-5! clamps and brackets attach securely to almost any metal roof profile, including exposed-fastened and corrugated.  Using the S-5! VersaBracket and CorruBracket attachments are quick, easy, and provide unprecedented holding strength. S-5!’s innovative technologies include the S-5-PV Kit for solar panels, ColorGard snow retention system, and clamps for just about everything else.


Sealtite Building Fasteners
Sealtite supplies steel-frame and post-frame screws for agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential metal roof applications. Product strengths are drill quality and corrosion resistance, showcased on the Maxx Steelbinder drill screw and Kwikseal II post-frame screw. Both products are greatly enhanced by Sealtite’s mechanical zinc plating and new powder coat paint process, which improves corrosion resistance 300 percent versus wet-paint processes. In 2011, ZXL Steelbinder and ZXL Woodbinder long-life screws are available with powder coating. Solid and vented foam closure strips, pipe flashings, Pancake & Wafer head screws for standing seam roofs and other accessories round out the product line.

SFS intec, Inc.
SFS intec, Inc. manufactures fasteners and accessories for the post-frame and metal building market. One recent innovation, the VistaCoat Premium System, sets the new industry standard in fastener coatings.  It provides the highest quality installed product, superior color retention, with maximum corrosion and UV resistance. Their fastener product line includes Woodgrips, WoodZAC, WoodMAC, Evergrip bi-metal screws and SX stainless steel self-drilling fasteners. New products include the Woodgrip HiLo mill point, the #10 low profile fastener and a broad range of blind rivets. Accessories such as ProfileVent, pipe flashings and closure strips are available in virtually any panel configuration.


The patent pending RoofClamp is the sensible answer to installing roofing components such as service walks, satellite dishes, HVAC equipment, conduit, signage and photovoltaic solar panels on standing seam metal roofs. The RoofClamp, manufactured by Action Manufacturing LLC, makers of the original patented clamp on the SnoBar retention system, is marketed exclusively by SnoBlox-Snojax and Riddell & Co. Made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum the RoofClamp is strong, easy to install and very economical. Suppliers like RoofClamp because there are only two models to stock without long-term contracts and minimums. Also offered are high quality #14, self-drilling and self-tapping snow guard screws. These screws feature case hardened, carbon-steel construction with an anti-corrosion protective coating. Teks/3 screws feature a pre-threaded bonded washer and a 3/8-inch high hex washer head.


Specialty Nail Co.
Specialty Nail Co. is a domestic source for Large Strip Nails. Specialty manufactures 20°-22° Plastic Collated Strip Nails up to 6-1/4” x .192. Post Frame and Pole Barn builders overwhelmingly prefer to power nail these large nails versus hand driving. Proactive suppliers are wise to offer large nails, either on their sales floor or through the special order desk. Made in the U.S.A.


Triangle Fastener CorpTriangle Fastener
Triangle Fastener Corp. supplies standard and specialty fasteners, tools, sealants and accessories for metal-to-metal, metal-to-wood, drywall, and concrete applications. They offer jobsite support, technical assistance, inventory managements programs and product development capabilities at each of its 24 locations. RB

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