Product Profile: Paints ’11

AkzoNobel makes a complete line of high performance coil coatings for metal roofing to meet the ever-changing needs of the building products industry. Both Trinar, a 70 percent PVDF coating, and Ceram-A-Star 1050, which is an industry leading SMP coil coating, are available in Cool Chemistry formulations. The company’s Cool Chemistry Series of coatings comply with Energy Star guidelines and can contribute to points in LEED, which help make your projects more energy efficient and sustainable.

Becker Specialty
BeckryTherm is high-tech, cool roof, organic coating technology. BeckryTherm features solar reflective, ceramic pigmentation to ensure Energy Star approved solar emissivity and reflectivity for maximum energy savings. BeckryTherm, Interior, is a low emissivity back-coating that creates a thermal barrier by reflecting heat into the direction from which it came. BeckryTherm is available in several polymers including super-durable polyester, silicone polyester and full strength PVDF.

Dura Coat Products
Dura Coat is a leading independent paint manufacturer specializing in the development and manufacture of high-performance coatings for the metal building industry. The company was founded in 1986 to solve paint problems through innovation. Featured products include the hybrid Ceranamel XT-40 polyester, DC 477 universal primer and a new generation of PVDF coatings called Durapon 70. Both of the top-coat systems are offered with Teflon surface protector.

PPG Industries
PPG offers hundreds of cool roof colors through its Duranar Ultra-Cool and Superl II Ultra-Cool product lines, all backed by the unrivalled color-making and color-matching expertise that has made Duranar the industry’s most trusted and specified brand of metal coatings for 40 years running. Visit to select the best cool roof coating color, based on reflectance, for a new and retrofit building project.

Sheffield Metals
COOLR painting system is comprised of PVDF coating, of 1.0 ± 0.1 mil total dry film thickness including primer. COOLR paint comes in 39 standard colors, 11 low gloss colors, as well as limitless custom colors. Many standard colors meet LEED SRI values for Sustainable Sites Credit 7.2.

Through unique color combinations, Steelscape Prints provide the aesthetics of other building materials with the added benefits only metal can provide. Steelscape Prints offer: sustainability as they are manufactured from recycled content; an energy savings because of the cool reflective pigments; and superior performance in various inclement conditions such as hail, wild fires and high winds. Steelscape Prints are available in eight color combinations: Fresh Rust, Sedona Rust, Northwest Slate, Twilight Black, Bay Harbor Blue, Dark Terra Cotta, Copper Verdigris and Copper Tapestry. Steelscape Prints, especially when viewed in natural light, have a depth and color variation unlike anything else in the market. Potential end-use building applications include roofing, interior or exterior wall panel, roof vents and other roofing accessories.

Fluropon coatings are field-proven, exterior quality finishes that have protected and added visual appeal to metal for more than 40 years. These 70 percent PVDF resin-based Fluropon coating systems provide maximum resistance to chalking and fading. Use them on projects that require the best color retention available. Valspar also offers WeatherX, a world-class silicone polyester resin-based coating system, recognized for its remarkable color and gloss retention as well as its superior chalk resistance. This exceptional level of silicone polyester performance is due to a unique formulation that combines the durability of ceramic and other select inorganic pigments with the strength of a breakthrough proprietary silicone polyester resin. WeatherX coatings are highly resistant to stains, abrasion and metal marking. Both coatings are available in array of Cool Roof colors that will meet Energy Star, Title 24 and LEED guidelines.

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