RCMA Reflective Roof Rebates Database now available to the public

The Roof Coatings Manufacturing Association (RCMA) recently made its Reflective Roof Rebates Database, originally created exclusively for use by RCMA members, available to the general public.

The Reflective Roof Rebates Database was enhanced in 2014 with increased functionality for searching available reflective roof incentives across the country. The database has since been further enhanced to include steep slope roofs and increase the frequency of updates for California, Florida and Texas. These three states are now updated on a monthly basis while all other states are updated every three months.

The database includes a comprehensive list of rebates, loans, grants and tax credits pertaining to reflective roof coatings applied to low slope and steep slope roofs. It covers the entire United States, including state, local and utility company rebate programs and uses a customized search tool to find the most up-to-date listing available for installing reflective roofs. The search tool also offers filtered results by energy rebates, reflective roof rebates or all available rebate within a specific state or zip code.

Additional information is available within the database, which includes detailed information on each of the available incentive programs including eligibility, links to supporting documents, key program contacts and online application to apply for rebates. There is also a view print option that allows users to easily review the available information in a ready-to-share format. The RCMA Reflective Roof Rebates Database is available at http://www.roofcoatings.org/reflective-roof-rebates-database/.

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