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Hundreds of new tools enter the market every year, along with improvements and upgrades to existing tools. Here are a few additions.

–– Bosch introduced the 10.8 volt Litheon Impactor Fastening driver (Model PS40-2), easily the most compact impact driver on the market at this time. The size and shape are almost identical to the innovative Litheon 10.8V cordless drill/driver.

TT-BoschImpactor.jpgSome unique features include 60 percent more torque than an 18V drill/driver – up to 800 inch pounds; half the weight of a standard 18V impact driver; a Bosch-designed hammer and anvil system that delivers 1,800 rpm/3,000 bpm; 1/4-inch hex drive with quick release; variable speed trigger; 3 LED light ring for illumination in dark work areas; and spring-loaded impact mechanism to reduce user fatigue.

In addition, the Impactor comes with two 10.8V Litheon batteries and 30- minute charger. Suggested retail is $200 with ProVantage three-year protection plan.

–– DeWalt recently introduced a new line of heavy duty impact drivers and wrenches, providing a smaller, lighter, more powerful tool. This new line of impact drivers and wrenches includes 9.6V, 12V, 14.4V and 18V units.

Equipped with a high speed DeWalt designed frameless motor with replaceable brushes, they provide high performance, durability and serviceability. The frameless motor design benefits from increased airflow and provides more power. DeWalt also reduced overall length and footprint of each model.

DeWalt built the new impact tools with an improved, variable speed reversing trigger that provides more control in both driving and removing fasteners. A bright LED light illuminates dark work areas. These new impact drivers range from $209 for the 9.6V unit to $299 for the 18V. All units come with two batteries, quick charger and carrying case. Each has a three-year limited warranty, one year free service and 90-day money back guarantee.
–– DeWalt, in September, brought out a replacement for the popular 10-inch compound miter saw, the DW703. The new unit, DW713, has a patented, machined base fence positioned perpendicular to the base, providing a solid foundation to the fence system, ensuring that the fence remains perpendicular to the blade at all times. Additionally, the saw is designed with a stainless steel miter detent plate that is adjustable and keeps the saw square during transport.

The DW713 offers best-in-class vertical capacity to cut 3-1/2” base molding and 4-1/2” crown molding against the fence. At a horizontal capacity, the saw can cut 2×6 material at zero degrees and 2×4 material at 45 degrees. This saw also offers one of the largest bevel and miter capacities in the industry with a bevel capacity of 48 degrees and a miter capacity of 50 degrees left or right.

Other improved features of the new DW713 include a 15 amp motor; two-piece aluminum and Lexan guard to allow the user to see the blade without glare; a cam lock miter handle that quickly locks the saw in place when making miter cuts; a miter detent override system; all in a lightweight 35 pound package. The DW713 is also compatible with the DW7187 miter saw laser system, which is available as an accessory.

The DeWalt DW713 carries a 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service and 90 day money back guarantee. Suggested retail is $219.

–– One last new tool from DeWalt is the DC415KL 36V Cut-Off Tool. In order to ensure this tool would be durable enough for the most extreme metalworking tasks, DeWalt designed it with a durable jam-pot, low profile gear case. This gear case provides precise gear alignments for a smoother, quieter transmission and enables users to work in tight spaces.

The new 36V cut-off tool offers increased levels of power and runtime, while maintaining a similar weight to corded and cordless cut-off tools.

The DeWalt 36V batteries are designed with unique Nano-Phosphate lithium-ion cells that provide users with increased durability and cycle life, offering up to 2,000 recharges and increased battery life.

A quick change wheel release system allows users to easily remove cut-off wheels without using a wrench, and a keyless adjustable guard enables users to quickly adjust the guard without having to use a tool. To prevent accidental startup, the DC415KL is equipped with a paddle switch with a lock-off system. An anti-slip comfort grip provides the user with increased comfort and control. Lastly, DeWalt designed this tool with an ergonomic 50/50 weight distribution from front to back to ensure the tool is well balanced when the blade is in a vertical position.

This tool comes with two 36V batteries, one-hour charger, type 27 and type 1 guards, wrench, two matched flanges, type 1 cutting wheel, three-position side handle and heavy duty carrying case. Additionally, the DC415KL carries a three-year limited warranty, 1 year free service and 90-day money back guarantee. Suggested retail is $499.

–– Hitachi introduced two low vibration angle grinders in 7- and 9-inch sizes. These grinders feature Hitachi’s patented User Vibration Protection (UVP) technology that reduces full load tri-axial vibration up to 30 percent significantly decreasing user fatigue. The G18SCY 7” and G23SCY 9” angle grinders feature vibration absorbing main and side handles, unique stator coils to improve cooling of the motors and new gear structures that dampen noise by up to 60 percent, packaged into lightweight and ergonomically designed tools.

Both of these new UVP angle grinders feature a 15 amp motor with 2,400 watts of input power, 10 percent more power than competitive models and deliver a no-load speed of 6,000 rpm. The on/off switches are center mounted on top of the grinders and a one touch quick off mechanism provides added safety. Once the lock-on feature is activated on the power switch, it takes one touch of the thumb to shut off the tool. These grinders also feature an easy-to-use spindle lock for accessory changes.

These grinders also feature extended wear carbon brushes that last 56 percent longer than traditional brushes with an auto-stop feature for routine maintenance checks. The dust protected switches and sealed armatures protect the internal components from dust and debris. These grinders are also lightweight, weighing 11.2 pounds each.
Hitachi’s new 7” and 9” grinders with UVP technology are covered under Hitachi’s 1-year warranty and sell for $172 and $178 respectively.

–– Husky recently introduced two new, oil free air compressors that are among the most quiet in the industry. The Husky Quiet Series air compressors are available in a 19-gallon horizontal unit and a 26-gallon vertical model. These units feature 1.5 HP universal motor with an industry leading 155 maximum PSI for longer tool run time. Both have a maintenance free oil-less pump, easy-to-read gauges, a pressure regulator, quick connect air outlet, handle and wheels for mobility.

Standard, oil-free air compressors in the 19- to 26-gallon size range typically create 85 decibels of sound pressure or noise. These Quiet Series units reduce this noise depending on the task and type of tool being used. For light duty activities – such as inflation, blow-gun cleaning, finish nailers and staplers, and air bushing – these compressors can be switched to Light Duty, which runs at about 73 decibels, a 70 percent reduction in noise.

At the Medium Duty setting, a Quiet Series compressor runs at 79 decibels for a 35 percent reduction in noise, and can be used with the tools mentioned above, plus framing and roofing nailers, air ratchets and home spray guns. At the Heavy Duty use setting, the compressor runs at the standard 85 decibels and can be used with impact wrenches, air hammers, die grinders, air drills and cut-off tools.

Available at The Home Depot, the Quiet Series 19 gallon horizontal (Model HPA1581909.01) and 26 gallon vertical (Model VLH1582609.01) air compressor sell for $199 and $299, respectively. Each has a three-year limited warranty.

–– Another recent introduction by Husky are two job site work lights – 500 watt portable halogen work light and, the unique 84 watt portable tripod fluorescent work light.

The Husky 500 watt halogen portable work light (SKU 509-953)s a lightweight, easy-to-carry light that provides lots of illumination. The 500-watt halogen light is set in a heavy duty cast aluminum housing with embossed aluminum reflector. It has a tempered glass lens, metal grill cage and cradle guard to supply extra protection for the bulb. The handle is cushioned to keep it cool during operation or transport. This work light has a three-position switch, four-position snap lock adjustment that directs the beam at different angles and an eight-foot power cord. Another feature is a spare bulb in the base. Suggested retail is $14.97 at The Home Depot.

–– The Husky 84 watt portable tripod fluorescent work light (SKU272-931) is sure to be a worksite hit. Providing 360 degrees of illumination this light is surprisingly compact and easy to carry – just 33 inches long when folded. In operation, it stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and can light up workspaces up to 17×24 feet. It produces the equivalent of 300 watts of incandescent light in all directions with no heat build up. It also draws less than one amp of power, a nice feature when running off a generator powering other tools.

This fluorescent light has two 42-watt compact florescent light bulbs in a well protected telescoping module that automatically powers on when the module is raised (and off when lowered), eliminating the struggle to find power buttons in the dark. When fully lowered the light is protected from damage by a heavy duty casing. It is also topped with a blue indicator light that goes on when the light is off (but still plugged in) to let you easily find it in a dark work area.

This Husky Work Light has a sturdy, easy to set up and fold up base and comes with a shoulder strap. It also has a 12-foot outdoor-rated power cord that stores in the base. Suggested retail is $59.97 at The Home Depot.

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