MCA provides kit on Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs)

Metal Construction Association (MCA) has added new webpages to its website expanding information available on Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) which includes an IMP Kit to assist architects and building designers considering insulated metal panels in their building design.

insulated metal panelsThe IMP Kit is available for free download and includes many valuable resources for architects and specifiers including: the IMP Environmental Product Declaration executive summary and full report, a report on Controlling Air and Rainwater Using Insulated Metal Panels, a Guide to Enclosure Systems, information about Insulated Metal Panels and NFPA 285, and a Selection Guide for Insulated Metal Panels. The IMP Kit can be downloaded simply by filling out the online form at

“We’ve worked diligently to develop materials that will provide architects and specifiers the tools they need when considering IMPs including details on energy-savings, cost-efficiency and design,” said Jeff Irwin MCA’s Insulated Metal Panel Funders Group Executive Director.

Insulated Metal Panels are lightweight composite exterior wall and roof panels with metal skins and an insulating foam core. These panels have superior insulating properties, and their outstanding spanning capabilities and one-pass installation makes them quick to install, saving costs compared to other wall assemblies. IMPs are available in a wide variety of colors, widths, profiles and finishes, enabling virtually any aesthetic desired for walls and roofs. The primary markets for IMP’S are architectural, commercial and industrial, cold storage, and insulated roofs.

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