How to Give a Metal Building a Simple Face Lift: Great Transformations

With many panel options available in the industry today, there is little need for a metal building to look like a simple, rectangular box. In fact, some city ordinances insist on it. So, when Harbor Freight wanted one of its new retail buildings in Florida to take on a more welcoming look, the contractor architectural firm (Cedarwoods Architectural) went to Replications Unlimited for an answer.

City code required that 25 percent of the metal needed to be covered with stone. For this project, the large modular URESTONE architectural panels in the ledgestone  pattern were used for a fast and easy install. It took 3 to 4 workers just two-and-a-half weeks to transform the building using 600 linear foot of wainscot trim, five 18 ft high x 4 ft wide prefabricated accent corners and ten 18 ft x 4 ft wide prefabricated pilasters.

Building: Harbor Freight retail store
Building Size: 20,000 square feet (180 ft long)
Materials: 68 panels of trim (600  linear ft) on three sides; five 18ft high x 4ft wide accent corners (Urestone ledgestone), ten 18ft high x 4ft wide pilasters (Urestone ledgestone)

Harbor Freight building

The popularity of metal buildings in retail areas has been followed by the need to make them blend into neighborhoods.

Before the transformation

After the transformation

Corners and cornices (above and at right) arrived on the job site after being prefabricated at Replications Unlimited. They look heavy but are actually lightweight and easy to install.

Photos provided by Replications Unlimited

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