Mother Nature No Match for Congregation’s Resolve to Repair Damaged Church

Strong winds and high water may have challenged the congregation at Great Harvest Church in Pocahontas, Arkansas, but it only strengthened their resolve. The congregation’s beloved church was built in 1999 over an eight month period by church members, many of them actual contractors and carpenters, but in 2016 strong winds damaged the building’s asphalt shingle roof. It was decided at that time to replace the roof with a 26 gauge standing seam metal roof in charcoal gray.

Great Harvest Church

Damage from high winds resulted in the need for a new roof. Flooding resulted in structural repairs.

Before the work could be completed, however, Mother Nature again intervened. A major flood from the Black River caused major damage to the city of Pocahontas and the church in April 2017. The resultant damage to the church was well over $200,000.

According to Bill Wilson, director of Great Harvest Church, both the building and the roof were being repaired at the same time after being released by FEMA and the insurance companies. Materials were sourced locally from Overman’s Buildings, Inc. Precision Roofing was contracted to remove the asphalt shingles, make any necessary repairs to the decking, and install the new metal roof and ridge vents. The new roof is securely being held in place by Lakeside Construction Fasteners.

The project started in late May 2017 was completed in September 2017.

This sturdy new roof now protects the pastor’s offices, the sanctuary, fellowship hall, four classrooms and a nursery. The sanctuary is twenty-six feet high at its apex. RB


Building size: 10,000 sq. ft.

Location:  Pocahontas, Arkansas

Contractors: West Construction and Precision Roofing & Services

Building System: Wood-frame construction on a concrete slab. Insulated 2”x6” walls, 26 gauge standing seam roof

Fasteners: Lakeside Construction Fasteners PRO CLIPLOK #10-16 X 1 Combo Wafer T17

Insulation: Fiberglass R19 Batt

Ventilation: Ridge vents

Great Harvest Church standing seam roof

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