How’s 2009 shaping up?

Hey, looks like we survived 2008.

Now, as the year begins, we’re looking for a few good rural builder "boots on the ground" soldiers who are brave enough to venture some guesses on what 2009 will bring to this industry.

C’mon — jump in add give us your opinion on these topics, or as many as you wish to address:

1- In a few words, how would you characterize the business climate of 2008?

2- Do you feel your business made progress in ’08? Held your ground? Or slid backward?

3- What factors played a part in where you stand today?

4- Looking at ’09, how optimistic/pessimistic are you for general economic recovery?

5- What factors/conditions do you think will hurt or help the economy?

6- What steps is your business taking to ensure a successful ’09?
Just some "off the top of your head" kind of answers, please.

No need to reveal your name if you don’t want to, but we’d appreciate some identifying info, such as your type of business and the state or area in which you live. Some comments may be used in a news story in Rural Builder magazine.

Please e-mail your thoughts to

Thanks. And have a great new year.

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