Rural Builder Hall of Fame Recipients: 1982-Present


Larry D. Jacobson

Larry D. Jacobson

Jacobson, Larry D.
Inducted: 2002
University of Minnesota – St. Paul, Minnesota

Jacobson is a professor and Extension engineer in the Bio-Systems and Agricultural Engineering Department at the University of Minnesota, where he first became an instructor and Extension agricultural engineer in 1974.

A registered professional engineer in Minnesota, his responsibilities focus on animal housing systems, including farmstead layouts, structural building design, ventilation and environmental controls, and manure management. He has worked with a variety of animal species, including pigs, dairy and beef cattle, and poultry. He has authored or co-authored a long list of bulletins, fact sheets, MidWest Plan Service publications, Pork Industry Handbook fact sheets, computer software, videos, and correspondence courses.

Jacobson is a member of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, serving on a number of its committees, of Alpha Epsilon, and of Gamma Sigma Delta. Recent awards have included the Minnesota Pork Producers’ Swine Honor Roll Award in 1996, the Minnkota Agri-Builders & Equipment Association Excellence in Service Award in 1994, and the American Society of Agricultural engineers’ Young Extension Engineer Award in 1990.


Don Jedele

Don Jedele

Jedele, Don
Inducted: 1987
University of Illinois – Urbana, Illinois

One of the most respected extension agricultural engineers, Don’s design work in livestock housing, human housing, farm offices and many other types of rural buildings has been especially important to the growth of this industry. Many rural construction leaders are convinced that he has contributed more to the practical design and engineering of farm buildings than any other educator.

Don has also played an important role in development of rural building standards through his activities with the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.


Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson

Johnson, Jerry
Inducted: 2001
Plyco Corporation – Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Johnson has been national sales manager at building products supplier Plyco since 1989. He joined HNP Industries in 1974 as a territory salesman, and later earned promotion to general sales manager. In 1983 he became director of sales and marketing at Cannonball: HNP.

Johnson has been an active participant in the National Frame Builders Association. He has served four terms on the Supplier division Council, acting as its chairman three times. In 2000 he received the NFBA’s Honorary Member award.

An avid and accomplished sportsman, Johnson is known to his colleagues for his compassion and concern.



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