AceClamp installation at manufacturing plant prompts CEO to order one for home

Residential SSMR solar installation praised by city building inspector

PLAINVILLE, Conn.– An AceClamp® fastener system from AceClamp/PMC Industries was recently used for a standing seam metal roof installation at the Morin Corporation’s manufacturing site in Connecticut. Morin is one of the industry’s most versatile manufacturers of single element metal wall and roof panel systems. Besides Connecticut, Morin has plants in California and Florida.

The Connecticut installation went so well that Morin CEO Ihan Eser used the AceClamp A2® Solar Kit fastening system to install solar panels at his own home in California. The city’s building inspector there remarked it was “the best system he had seen so far.”

The AceClamp A2 recently passed UL’s 2703 requirements and is now UL Listed. The AceClamp A2 and Solar Kit is also Evaluated to UL 467 for its integral ground-lug function.

The AceClamp A2 Solar Kit offers the PV market one of the strongest clamp systems in the industry, compared with single set screw clamp systems. The kit comes fully assembled with round stainless steel serrated top and bottom flanges that capture the PV panel and bond the panels frame-to-frame, providing electrical continuity so that no additional copper ground wire is needed. The AceClamp A2 has a distinctive “push-pin” design that prevents torque back-out, caused by wind flutter or constant seismic vibration. The innovative fastener will not scratch panel surfaces or damage roof coatings, preserving manufacturers’ warranties.

For solar racking systems, AceClamp/PMC’s new L-Foot is a lower profile, L-shaped bracket that makes installing these systems easier than ever. Installers no longer have to contend with wide brackets that prevent complete access to mounting clamp fasteners.

The new L-Foot does not impede access to the AceClamp A2 side bolt, making any adjustment or re-torquing quick and easy. The bracket’s shorter foot allows complete access to the clamp’s built-in grounding cable channel, so the bracket doesn’t have to be removed to install the grounding wires.

About AceClamp®/PMC Industries
AceClamp/PMC Industries Inc. is a “Made-in-the-U.S.A.” company that prides itself on its strong R&D and current manufacturing techniques to take ideas from concept to finished product. With its decades-long experience in the bearing and seal market for aerospace and automotive applications, the company has expanded into the solar and snow retention roofing industry offering time-saving, patented, installation products. Besides aerospace, automotive and metal roofing, AceClamp/PMC serves the appliance, construction, medical device, military, and transportation industries. For more information, call 860.351.0686 or visit:

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