AFL-CIO chief optimistic on economy

WASHINGTON, DC – Six months ago, the American economy was on the brink of collapse. The housing and credit markets imploded, consumer spending halted, and many experts were predicting that we were headed into a second “Great Depression.” America’s Building Trades Unions knew then, as we do now, that immediate and sustained action would be required to rescue the economy.
That is why we were committed supporters of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). As a direct result of the federal stimulus contained within ARRA,  recent economic forecasts presented by the federal government indicate that the economy is now doing better than expected. Through actions taken by the Obama Administration over the last six months, and supported by America’s Building Trades Unions, we have put the brakes on this current recession, and laid a foundation for a stronger and more sustainable recovery.
Some of these actions include tax cuts for middle income Americans; extensions of COBRA and unemployment benefits for those who lost their jobs; monies to the states to buttress their economies and prevent public employee layoffs; and investments that will put Americans to work building and repairing bridges and roads, and hospitals and schools.
In total, these actions and investments…and the positive economic data that is now forthcoming…give us hope that the American economy is moving in the right direction.
America’s Building Trades Unions will continue work with this Administration, and the U.S. Congress, to enact the types of policies will put our nation on a path to sustained economic growth that translates into jobs for our members, and all American workers.
The Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO is an association of 13 national and international unions that collectively represent 2.5 million skilled craft professionals in the United States and Canada

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