AmeriLux offering Thermoclear Plus

NOW available, at no extra cost, 8mm Lexan Thermoclear Plus polycarbonate sheet with 2-side UV protection and Dripgard from AmeriLux International.

Thermoclear Plus ages 5 times slower than all other polycarbonates and with the 2-side UV protection, open roof structures are shielded from the damaging rays.

The panels offer natural lighting, high UV protection, superior energy efficiency, easy fabrication and are light in weight yet virtually unbreakable. AmeriLux, the US Master Distributor of Lexan polycarbonate sheet, continues to raise the bar in value.

To find out more about Lexan Thermoclear Plus Multiwall High Performance Polycarbonate Glazing Panel, please call Customer Service at 888-602-4441 or visit us online at

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