ArcticFoam is a new Canadian manufacturer of eco-friendly foam insulation products

Have you ever had the trouble of a stringy spray foam mess or spray foam bubbles that just don’t quite seal the best? There is a new far-and-mightier spray foam in town to insulate all window and door drafts with a clean powerful seal.

arcticfoam productsArcticFoam is the NEW Canadian provider of low pressure polyurethane foam insulation, sealants, adhesives, and spray foam systems in pressurized packaging. First-time users have applauded its unique ability to apply foam insulation in solid strips rather than in beaded trails of foam. This provides three main benefits to the crafty contractor or DIY – fits into tight crevices for maximum insulation, avoids splattering messes and allows excess foam to be cut easily.

ArcticFoam is made with renewable foaming materials, contains no formaldehyde, plumbing safe, water resistant, and safe around approved electrical insulations. When applied this foam will seal, bond, and protect against dust, pests, and air infiltration. ArcticFoam is clean, super strong and environmentally friendly. Avoid the hassle of cutting and stuffing pink insulation.

ArcticFoam is the ideal solution for filling gaps and weather stripping windows and doors. The gap filler or window/door sealant can be applied via straw-form or gun-form so there is little preventing this insulation product from reaching its target. Alike, Canadian contractors and homeowners may now purchase these products individually or by the case online via the new ecommerce store.

A final acknowledgment is directed to homeowners and contractors whose feedback has resulted in the creation of this brand of products. For information on the different products available to suit your home renovation or construction needs, contact us at 1-877-575-3626

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