BizPortz offers roof estimating system as free download

BizPortz announced the availability of the Roofing Manager metal roof estimating system as a FREE download at

BizPortzAccording to BizPortz company president, Tom Knight, “Roofing Manager was designed for estimating metal roofs.  Estimating a roof for shingles is pretty simple.  You need the area, then you calculate squares and add a percentage for material waste.  Metal panel estimating?  That’s much more complex.  If you don’t have software, you need graph paper and an afternoon of your time.  There are software apps that can help you.  Some are pretty good, but they’re very expensive and require a ton of training.  And for many contractors, they don’t do enough metal panel roofing jobs to justify the cost.  Roofing Manager changes all that.”

Roofing Manager

Aerial Imaging — “In most situations all the user needs to do is order an aerial report from any one of the leading providers, open it in Roofing Manager and click the RUN button,” says Knight.  “What this means is that the user can concentrate on the core part of their business and still create reliable estimates for metal panel roofing jobs even if they do them infrequently.”

Complexity is Not an Issue — “One of the daunting problems in creating metal panel system estimates is that on a complex roof this can take a lot of time. Roofing Manager doesn’t mind if the roof is complex; it’s made for that. This means if you want to quote a fancy multiple hip residential roof job with any number of different roof planes… no problem. The role of Roofing Manager is to allow the user to create reliable estimates for any roof and not have to be an expert in the application itself. And I’ll repeat: any roof.”

Standing Seam, Ag Panel, any panel width — it doesn’t matter.  New roofing or re-roofing, no project is too big or small.  Click and drag quick creation of any roofing project with simple or complex shapes.  Instant optional calculation of substrate layers, fascia, soffit, etc., or import a roof report from an aerial imagery provider.  Roofing Manager reads that report and produces an estimate, complete with all roof planes, drawings, panel cut lengths, trim and fastener detail, even labor.  All in seconds.

Roofing Manager is a PC based Pay-As-You-Need-It estimating system that produces top quality reliable estimates every time, without the user having to become an expert in the application.  An estimate costs as little as $10.

For complete information on the Roofing Manager system, visit

BizPortz is the nation’s leading provider of estimating and take off systems for post-frame buildings — PostFrame Manager, Decking Manager for the creation of simple to the most elaborate decks, S.I.P. Manager for structural insulated panel buildings, Steelframe Manager for metal building estimating and Roofing Manager for estimating any metal roof. 

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