Look of brick adds value to homes

Industry studies show that home resale value can increase anywhere from five to ten percent when using brick as a siding feature, according to a press release from Performance Brick.

“Imagine,” says the company that is based in Darlington, Pa., “the added savings and value you could achieve (plus significant installation time reduction) if you could gain the look of brick without the hassles of individual brick-by-brick installation.

“Panelized façade products that resemble brick install faster and easier than real brick, bringing greater value to a home,” says Scott Jeffreys, president of Performance Brick. “The environmentally-friendly panels we manufacture are made of recycled gypsum reinforced with high-density polymer materials. Just like individual bricks, these panels resist fire, insects, termites and water, so a homeowner’s insurance premiums may even be lower as a result of using the Performance Brick panels.”

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