Best on the block!

Visitors to the Builder Block area on the show floor at National Frame Building’s 2010 Expo in Louisville had the opportunity to vote for the three new products they think are the “best on the block.”

A dozen exhibitors displayed their new products in an area called Builders Block.  Voters marked their ballots and turned them in at the Rural Builder and Frame Building News booth.

The top five products are listed in order of votes.

Richland Laminated Columns — Richland Laminated Columns Llc manufactures laminated post for post-frame construction. The #1 SYP the company uses in its posts is acquired directly from the mills in the south. Richland says this affords greater quality control in selecting materials and manufacturing products.

Marco Industries — LP2 and Flex-O-Vent, two of Marco’s ventilation products, both are made from flame- and tear-resistant recycled polyester. Both have industrial strength M63 adhesive pre-applied for fast/easy installation (no nailing) and help keep out rain, snow, insects. They won’t wick moisture, allowing for continuing ventilation and preventing leaks. LP2 is low-profile, custom-fit for almost any metal roof panel. Flex-O-Vent’s 10-foot, easy-to-manage lengths come with 40-year warranties.

Sealtite — Sealtite introduces its new powder coat paint process. Initially geared to the Kwikseal II post-frame fastener line, the process is environment friendly (no chemical VOCs),  and more corrosion resistant than traditional wet paint methods. The drying process creates a very durable barrier coating that is harder to scratch off than wet-paint. Kesternich chamber testing results show that the powder lasts 4 times longer (100 cycles versus 25 cycles) than wet paint before corrosion begins.

Swenson Shear — Swenson Shear’s pivot shear cuts metal panels, soffit and shingles in one quick, clean swipe. Rugged blades are specific for the desired panel profile. Standard quick-change blades are easily swapped out to shear different profiles or on an angle. Manual operation leaves a burr-free edge while eliminating hand snips, the hassle of power cords and hot, flying metal.

EPS — EPS Buildings’ new Advanced Drawing Program for post- frame and solid core buildings creates quality presentation drawings. This simple-to-use drawing program requires no prior computer aided drawing experience. Professional drawings help customers visualize the building quoted for them, resulting in a higher closing rate.  This cost-effective alternative to expensive CAD programs is available as a free download.

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